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View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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Environmental Protection Agency regulations effective on the date of manufacture. To maintain the safety, dependability, fkletype emission and noise control performance, it is essential that the procedures, specifications and service instructions in this manual are followed. To do this effectively, we need user feedback – your critical evaluation of this manual.

Buell XB 2008 Series Service Manual

Please comment on the completeness, accuracy, organization, usability, and readability of this manual. First, it will acquaint the user with the construction of the NOTES Buell product and assist in the performance of basic mainten- ance and repair. Secondly, it will introduce to the professional To avoid unnecessary disassembly, carefully read all rel- ative service information before repair work is started.

Accordingly, anyone who uses a service products. A-3 Inserting Terminals into Housing B-3 Metri-Pack Connector Repair A Wiring Diagram Symbols A Buell Wiring Diagrams B-4 Separating Pin and Socket Housings A Removing Socket Terminals A Installing Socket Terminals E-1 Acronyms and Abbreviations Be sure you have a complete understanding of the task to be performed. Use the Perform the service and maintenance operations as proper tools. Do not Hoses, clamps, electrical wiring, electrical switches or fuel lines work on two assemblies simultaneously.

Be sure to make all if they do not meet specifications. Always discard seals after removal. Do not use the same seal Bearings twice. Remove shields and seals from bearings before cleaning. O-Rings Preformed Packings Clean bearings with permanent shields and seals in buell-firebolt-service-manuall.

Always discard o-rings after removal. Replace with new o-rings. To prevent leaks, lubricate the o-rings before installation. Hammers Ratchets and Handles Never strike a hammer against a hardened object, such Periodically clean and lubricate ratchet mechanisms with as another hammer.

Do not replace parts individually; ratchets should be rebuilt with the entire contents of service kit. Always grasp a hammer handle firmly, close to the end. During cold filetyps operation, some of the water vapor In colder climates, the engine oil should be changed often. If condenses to liquid form on the cool metal surfaces inside the motorcycle is used frequently for short trips, less than 15 engine. Should be performed by an authorized Buell dealer, unless you have the proper tools, service data and are mechanically qualified.


Change brake fluid every two 2 years. Quick Reference Maintenance Chart: Batteries contain sulfuric acid, which could cause severe burns to eyes and skin.

Wear a protective face shield, sm rubberized gloves and protective clothing when working with batteries. In addition to filetjpe manufacturer’s Internal Drink large quantities of milk or water, followed instructions, follow these general safety precautions: Insert fastener through battery positive cable red into Figure Oil line fittings Remove chin fairing.

2008 Buell XB Models Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD

Buell Models except Blast Figure Remove oil filter using pliers or belt type oil filter wrench. Fill Engine With Oil Clean filter gasket contact surface on crankcase. Surface must be smooth and free of debris or old gasket material. Install oil cooler scoop. Check for oil leaks at oil filter, drain plug, hoses and oil cooler. Return to Service Install chin fairing. Wipe up any spilled oil on muffler.

Check hot oil level. Check brake fluid level and condition: Inspect caliper and master cylinder seals and replace as When storing or removing the motorcycle for the season.

Bleeding Front Brake NOTE Hydraulic brake fluid bladder-type pressure equipment can be used to fill the brake master cylinder through the bleeder valve if master cylinder reservoir cover is removed to prevent pres- surization. Bleeding Rear Brake sm NOTE Hydraulic brake fluid bladder-type pressure equipment can be used to fill the brake master cylinder through the bleeder valve if master cylinder reservoir cover is removed to prevent pres- surization.

Remove rubber cap and install end of plastic tubing over rear caliper bleeder valve. This is the rod minimum engagement 4. Also, there should be a minimum of 0. Traction can be adversely affected, which could result in loss of control of the motorcycle and death or serious injury. Install pin hanger 2 making sure it Rear Pad Installation engages hole on both pads and spring clip.

Remove rear master cylinder reservoir cover. Rotate caliper clockwise to align mounting fastener hole. NOTE Install lower caliper mounting fastener 4. Rear Brake Pad Spring Installed 1. Rear caliper mounting fasteners 2. Brake pad retainer 3. Rear caliper pin plug 4. Rear caliper pin hanger Figure See a Buell dealer. Using non-approved tires can adversely affect stability, which could result in death or serious injury.


Every time 20008 wheel is removed. When storing or removing the motorcycle for the season. Using compressed air to “spin dry” bearings can cause Check wheel bearings for wear and corrosion.

Excessive play bearing to fly apart, which could result in death or serious or roughness indicates worn bearings. To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative – battery cable before proceeding.

Buell Firebolt Service Manual

Remove three TORX screws with washers 1 from clutch inspection cover 2. Remove clutch inspection cover from primary cover. If under filled, transmission can be damaged during vehicle operation. Pull ferrule end of cable housing away from bracket.

Set free play by turning adjuster 4. Tighten jam nut 3 against adjuster 4. Replace belt and transmission sprocket. The drive belt tension on a new belt will loosen after approxim- Signs of puncture or cracking at the base of the belt teeth. Measure primary chain tension through the inspection cover opening. Adjust primary chains not meeting vertical free play specifications. Remove two fasteners with captive washers and primary chain inspection cover with gasket from primary cover.

Loosen steering stem capnut and back off several turns. Do not operate motorcycle with loose, worn or damaged steering or suspension systems.

Contact a Buell dealer Remove lower triple clamp pinch fasteners, two per side. Loose, worn or damaged steering or suspen- Tighten steering stem capnut to ft-lbs Nm. Replace every 10, mile 16, km service interval.

Use only Harley-Davidson 10R12X spark plugs. Remove left side air scoop to access front cylinder spark plug. Disconnect cable from front spark plug. An extension may be needed to push on rear spark plug boot to ensure it is seated properly.

Connect spark plug cables.

Verify that cables are securely connected to coil and spark plugs. Failure to do so can draw debris into the engine and could result in engine damage. Inspect at the mile km service interval and at every mile km service interval thereafter. Air Cleaner Cover Latches 1. Breather hoses burll-firebolt-service-manual 2. Intake air sensor 3.