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Pondering over whether to get a rack sampler and I can’t make my mind up at the moment. There’s a certain aesthetic I like about 90’s and early. Hi, I’ve recently bought a sxl sampler mainly for use with drum samples. I want to use it as a drum machine so that when certain notes are. brought the S samplers from Akai with more welcome features like a resonant filter, onboard effects, more memory, and 32 voices. The SXL.

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Production Mar 1, Log in or Sign up. Any character in the Akai Sxl?

Akai SXL – Wikipedia

Pondering over whether to get a rack sampler and I can’t make my mind up at the moment. There’s a certain aesthetic I like about 90’s and early aka tunes, mainly in the Deep X3000xl and Jungle genres. Moreover, is there any nice tonal characteristics from the Sxl? Obviously the S, S and poss the S may impart more of a character s3000xp I was wondering whether the S may be a little ‘sterile’ ie: Anyway, those who own or have ever used an older sampler, do you reckon it’s paramount to your sound or is there a combination of using it with a mixer for example?

MVibeMar 1, MVibe and Odysee Recordings like this. Not lo fi or anything but not same in same out or thin like a mpc I really like the sound, the sine test tone is lovely and super loud. I wouldn’t pay too much for one, partly because the screen is shit and it’s often fucked these days. CordycepMar 1, If you want something just to give akak that sound then get the hardware, theyre cheap enough these days and theyre fun to experiment with.


Any character in the Akai Sxl ? | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

You dont need a mixer in parallel but you will soon want one. I have both an akai and emu, personally I think the emu can do all the akai can and more, but im not an akai expert. Above all else, whatever sampler you choose to get, ensure it has some form of decent storage solution.

Trying to rely on floppy disks is beyond shitty. CornishMVibeqwert!!!! Agents of Rush a. Sample in hot at 10khz rather than 20khz.

Keep an eye out s3000cl the 3K classic or a S classic. I have both the classic and XL. They do sound different despite what some might say.

The classic has a thump to it but a darker sound. The XL is more detailed in the highs and more FX options. If you’re s3000xo bothered with modulation and filters keep an eye out for an Akai S The reverb on that alone is worth having.

Any character in the Akai S3000xl ?

Like big Future Sound of London style sound. Breaks sampled in at 10khz. Agents of RushMar 2, CordycepMar 2, RollinMar 2, I never even had the click of death, the whir of life was enough already!

That sound used to feel like the zip drive was taunting me sometimes. SCSI was better, but the cabling and cards were expensive and cumbersome. And a perpetual fear that me or someone using the studio would go through the wrong power sequence and blow something up.

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Agents of Rush likes this. But, with the caveat that said software is still a work in progress. It’s amazing how far it’s come though. MVibe if you like using hardware and it integrates into an existing setup, I’d say go for it. Can always sell it on if it doesn’t work out for you. I’ve got a CD, it’s basically a with a cd drive I think. I use it mainly for resampling drums. It sounds great, aakai as fat as the emu but punchy. I never use the cd drive it only takes akai format CDs.


Pretty much instajungle if you load in an amen, an and a s3000xk sample. I was going to nab it myself but decided a new screen s30000xl my classic is best for me. I contacted him a while ago and asked if there is any screen inverter noise and he said no.

This is fully expanded XL so all boards installed http: CornishmiddleWaveHankCastle and 3 others like this. KlonheaddMar 2, Cornish and Klonheadd like s3000xk. Get it, play with it, if you don’t like it I’m sure you could s30000xl it on at no loss. A piece of gear at a reasonable price is always worth getting in my opinion.

Just depends if you can be bothered putting in the time to learn how it works. I’ve never had an Akai but the EMU was definitely worth spending time on all those years ago.

After putting in the hours and figuring out the menus etc. ChinPunchMar 3, You must log in or s3000xxl up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: