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HW / HW INOX / INOX HW INOX – Jula · HW / HW HW INOX / HW INOX – AL-KO Garten + Hobby · HW / HW INOX / INOX HW INOX – Jula. Text; Inox . JET / JET INOX / JET INOX JET INOX – AL-KO · Here you find the spare parts for AL-KO Hauswasserwerke Wassertechnik and you can We are your partner for AL-KO spare parts. HW INOX

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All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. The more precies your question is, the higher the inpx of quickly receiving an answer from another user. You will automatically be sent an e-mail he inform you when someone has reacted to your question. Previous page Next page. Table of Contents Page: Make sure you keep the instructions at hand for quick reference.

If you resell your pump or hww it to another user, please include these instructions in the sale or the gift. The following symbols are used in the instructions: DANGER This symbol draws your attention to work processes or operating procedures that have to be carefully observed in order to prevent serious injury to the user or another person.

CAUTION This symbol draws your attention to information you need to ensure that your system is not damaged due to improper or careless use. The supply voltage and current specified on the type plate must be identical with the voltage and current of your electrical system.

If you need to connect your domestic water system to an extension cord, make sure that the cable is 3 x 1. The connector must be splash-proof. Cable drums must be completely unwound. The domestic water system may not be alk-o for any other than its designated use.

Before putting ihox system into operation, make sure that — the pump, reservoir, the electric cable and the plug are not worn or damaged. Do not operate the system if it is dam- aged. Necessary repairs must be carried out in a ino AL-KO service centre. Never use the electric cable to lift, carry or attach the system to another object.

Do not pull on the cable when unplugging the system. Make sure that the system is unplugged before beginning any maintenance, repair or cleaning work.

In the event of a malfunction, immediately unplug the system. Make sure that the plug does not get wet.

Do not attempt to make any changes or modifications to the device by yourself. You may endanger your life or invalidate the warranty. Risk of injury due to hot water!

This hazard can occur due to: Please observe the technical inoc given in the instructions before putting the system into operation. Your domestic water system has been designed for use in the following applications: Please observe the niox issued by your local water works. If necessary, ask a plumber. The system is designed to pump only the following liquids: The system may not be used to pump wh following liquids: Function The domestic water system works automatically.


The pump automatically switches on or off de- pending on the pressure set see technical data. The system sucks the liquid to be pumped through the suction hose 1 and lets it out into the reservoir 6. Upon reaching the set cut-out pressure reservoir is fullthe system automatically switches off. As soon as the pressure falls to below 2,0 bar water is drained from the reservoir niox, the system automatically switches back on and continues pumping the liquid until either the reservoir is full or any draining process running has been completed and the reservoir is full.

Thermal protection Your domestic water system is equipped with a thermal protection switch, which switches the pump off if it overheats. The pump will inpx off until it has cooled down.

Nov hidrofor AL-KO HW 601 Inox

After about 15 – 20 minutes, the pump will automatically switch on. Setting up and operating the system Before putting your domestic water sys- tem into operation, check the inlet pres- sure at the diaphragm which can be read out from ijox valve 5 on the reservoir. Make sure that the pressure is approx. When attaching the suction and pressure hoses, make sure that they do not exert a tension on the device. We recommend the use of flexible hoses at the pump inlet 1 and outlet 3.

If you have any questions, ask your retailer. When operating the system automatic operationtake appropriate measures al-kl ensure that al–ko due to flooding can- not occur if the system should malfunction. The hose should be at least 30cm under the surface of the al-kk to be al-,o while the pump is in operation. Mount a non-return valve in the suction hose to prevent the liquid from running back out of the pump. Make sure to screw it in tightly, but take care not to damage the threads.

We recommend our AL-KO suction set 14which consists of a suction hose, strainer and non-return valve. Before pumping sandy water, you must insert a filter 13 between the suction hose and the pump inlet or you will dam- age your domestic water system. If the suction hose is laid so that it is higher than the device, bubbles will be- come trapped in the line and the pump will suck air.

Filling the pump Inpx putting your domestic water sys- tem into operation, you must fill the pump chamber with water until it overflows to achieve full suction power.

Domestic water supply system

Do not operate the pump while it is dry because this will cause serious damage to the pump. The pump will automatically begin to run. When the pressure al-o fallen and the reservoir is full, the pump will automatically switch off.


Your domestic water system is now ready for operation. Before beginning any maintenance or cleaning work, make sure that the device has been unplugged and take precautions to ensure that it cannot be switched on during work!

Cleaning the system If you la-ko used your domestic water system to pump chlorine water swimming pool water or liquids which leave a residue, flush your al-kl out with clear water after use.

Clearing blockages If your domestic water system should become blocked so that it does not suction or pump aal-ko liquid, remove the obstruction as follows: Do not let the pump suck air.

Frost protection Your domestic water system is susceptible to low temperatures. Make sure to empty the device of residual liquid hoses, pump and reservoir and store it so that it is protected from frost. The water contained in the reservoir will be pressed out by the air bellows.

However, if desired, you can adjust the setting as desired at the pressure switch 10also see Figure C.

Please observe the max. The pressure should be approx. Correct the pressure if needed. Do not dispose of worn-out units through the household garbage! Before you attempt to remedy any malfunction of your domestic water system, pull the plug to prevent injury or death due to electrocution! What is the possible reason? Motor does not run. Thermal switch has switched off. Wait until the thermal switch has automatically switched the pump on again.

AL-KO HW manual

Check the temperature of the liquid. Have the pump checked. Have the power supply checked by a qualified electrician. System runs but does not pump out liquid. Suction hose is not immersed in the liquid to be pumped. Make al-kp that the suction hose is at least 30 cm beneath the surface. Suction hose is blocked. Clear blockage in suction hose. Pressure line is blocked. Clear blockage in pressure line. Suction height is too great.

Air is trapped in the suction hose. Check for leaks in the suction hose. Fill the pump with water. System is only pumping out liquid very slowly or weakly. Pressure hose inod is too small. Attach a pressure hose with a larger diametre. Pumping height is too great. Pump does not run reliably. Air pressure in reservoir is too low. Check the air pressure in the reservoir at the valve 5 and correct to about 1. Pump fails to switch off automatically Water shortage inlet side, Pump sucks in air Unplug the pump, allow to cool down if necessary If you are unable to remedy a malfunction, please call the AL-KO service centre nearest you.