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I have an anilam that quit working. Will the drive motors from the anilam work with a mach 3 system. And where does a person find a. Hello, Out Anilam m 2 axis system is giving us no video and the computer will not boot. Does anyone know how to repair the system?. Anilam is the company that makes the control. I run a Sharp knee mill with a Aniliam M control. I’m not familiar with the M or sure what.

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Does the K4 relay on the PC board energize? Continue doing the same process until you determine the cable or cables causing the problem. You would need to order Part s. Install the software answering the question as they show on the screen.

What is meant by “Anilam M conversational control”? If any of these are out check the limit switch that corresponds to the LED. Servo Card Alignment 6. Check if the cable is cut and shorting to ground.

After the computer boots from the diagnostic disk, select F1 key in order to run the software. From the look of the ‘computer cabinet’, it would be very easy to take out the Anilam ‘computer’, and put in an ISA motherboard, possibly in a desktop case with the top removed. Look at the video a couple of times and take the manual to the machine and start programing.


Using the up and down arrow keys anilm Signal Gain and press the Enter Key. Tach adjustment not set properly.

If yes, can you move the axis in both directions?

Anilam M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis pdf – CNC Manual

I was finally able to do some rapids in all three axes, which certainly was a relief. Did the fault light come on and go back off? The 1100mm now is Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you know which parts are the defective items.

If you get the mill, feel free to e-mail me with questions. The same can occur even if this is the only one program in memory. After doing this repeat step 3. Turn the power back on and see if the same message returns. Thanks so much for the replies. So the question is, what would happen if I put the motion control board on another motherboard? Keep checking all axis the same way until we know how many good and bad drive cards you are working with.

Using the down arrow key Highlight General Software and press the Enter key. Possible problems anilm be as follows.

Anilam 1100M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis

Here’s Jerry’s first reply: This drive card is not an Anilam part. Put your disk that you backed up with the configuration file on it. That’ll prevent headaches and crashes 11000m the future. If everything works do not go to step B. You need to contact either your local Anilam Distributor with the color of the key that went bad or Anilam directly. After the control boots up press the F10 key one time.


The part is s. I would then remove the cpu and flash memory board, and VGA board. No torque on the specified axis. If you are in manual mode the servo most definitely will not energize.

Press the F1 key run. The difference is the distribution board requested the CPU to reset everything.

Thanks for the quick response. Contact Anilam or your local Distributor to get the defective part replaced. If you are not sure what the rapid default speed of your system is do the following. Check out the control and make sure everything works anilamm normal. Chapter 8 Common Error Messages 1.