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A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) [Antonio Tabucchi, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A private. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. On a sweltering Sunday in July, an Italian writer Look inside this book. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) by [Tabucchi, Antonio].

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Then, I stepped into a phantasm of the unknown appearing as the every day. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The characters are twbucchi described, memories and small homages to the individuals and types that make up the Lisbon that Tabucchi feels so deeply for. Each door opened onto a room.

Requiem: A Hallucination

tabuccbi But he cannot agree with that, he chooses to play his music not on an organ, which is an instrument proper to cathedrals, but on a mouth-organ that you carry around in your pocket–street music.

You know how they say that the Portuguese word saudade cannot really be translated. This one was directed by John Turturro.

The love for Portugal and Lisbon, the quest-like search. Antonio Tabucchi walks in and out of various reuqiem with figures from his past, all within a country he doesn’t live in but loves, and all in pursuit of an imagined dialogue with one of his favorite artists.

In capable hands, the dead come alive.

Tabucchi’s Requiem is expressive of simple and honest feeling. The nameless narrator finds himself in an empty Lisbon reqquiem on a sweltering summer day, waiting to meet someone. I loved the idea of protagonists fascinated by quests, which are in the final analysis, quests for their own sense of self.


The narrator has a series of encounters with the dead, all in preparation for a midnight meeting with the late Fernando Pessoa, Portugal’s greatest poet. There stood…yes, may father as a young man filled with questions to grill me. So not only was it hot but quite humid. A day in the city of Lisbon is what it is about; but more than that, it gives the place back its voice from the past; the footsteps of an anonymous and not so anonymous a past accompany the city’s space.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In this enchanting and evocative novel, Antonio Tabucchi takes the reader on a dream-like trip to Portugal, a country he is deeply attached to. Still, despite all of my reservations, it was a lovely, quick read — definitely recommended for those planning a trip to Lisbon. Retrieved from ” https: The trick would be to do that beautifully and seamlessly on paper as Tabucchi has done in Requiem where he weaves the memories and conversations of former years, particul We are all fascinated by our rewuiem memories.

He spent many years there as director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Lisbon. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, Requiem is a nice homage to the white city.

L’ho trovato leggero e irresistibile, anche se l’ultimo capitolo ha rovinato un po’ la lettura unico motivo per cui manca la quinta stellanon l’ho trovato incisivo come gli altri.

Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi

The story follows one day or perhaps one dream of an Italian walking around Lisbon interacting with both figures from his past and people he meets. I just saw Richard has reviewed it. Yes, absolutely, they are regional, from the Alentejo region. This sounds really wonderful.


Silly question… In dreams we know things in a different way. Requiem ‘s narrator has an appointment to meet someone on a quay by the Tagus at twelve. I hope you antonuo like it.


I am wont to always return to my theory of a writer’s personality or translator’s having been present in the work and that personality being of a tzbucchi I am attracted to or find extremely interesting.

To ask other readers questions about Requiemplease sign up. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. As well as a travel piece of a place irrevocably changed, coming back one dream and encounter at a time. View all 9 comments.

So far I’m not a big fan of Jose Saramago, but his The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis concerning one of Pessoa’s key pseudonymic alter-egos is tabuccih brilliant, and for many of the same reasons as this is – fu This is priceless! Deeply in love with Portugal, he was an expert, critic and translator of the tabucfhi of the writer Fernando Pessoa from whom he drew the conceptions of saudade, of fiction and of the heteronyms.

An un-self important masterpiece, deeply affecting and yet sheer pleasure to read. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d be up to it in Latin.

REQUIEM by Antonio Tabucchi | Kirkus Reviews

Tabucchi wrote the book in Portuguese. It is not for nothing that Tabucchi has given this booklet the subtitle of ‘hallucination’. I liked Tabucchi’s approach to keep things simple and let the tale or story, if you will, unfold