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This internship report of Bank Alfalah Limited Bahawalpur where I spend 06 weeks in almost all departments of bank. I worked with all staff of bank. Internship Report on Bank Alfalah – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Internship Report submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the.

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Vernacular Form This form is used when some person wants to sign in any language other than English. Inthe BCCI was banned, when it was accused by European countries that the bank was involved in some illegal operations with Gulf countries. When two or more persons neither partners nor, trustees, open an account in their name is joint account.

Every month we intfrnship ads in newspaper for bidding and sale the vehicle to highest bidder after open bidding. It gives you the flexibility to convert your large payments into small equal monthly installments.

Considering this product as the most lucrative mode of lending, and in view of its feasibility in the near reporh, BAL offers the most competitive mark- up rates in the market and provides a chance to the innumerable customers to make their dreams materialized through buying of their desired vehicles. They have also catered to the Cards Acquiring business resulting in unmatched expansion of the electronic cards acceptance business.

For customer convenience, repotr now have access to instantaneous cash availability, 24 hours a infernship, 7 days a week.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Branch Manager Submitted by: I am working in Bank Alfalah for one and half year. Our notion is to serve the quality through customized and comprehensive offers for our customers.

Two authorized officers of the branch then sign it. Otherwise the payment will not be made. Their focus would be to constantly seek out growth opportunities through increased quality assets and by offering a wider range of products and services to their esteemed customers.


Here, I was compelled to propose my own strategy keeping in mind all the above factors. Sometimes when the remittance is urgently required by the remitter online Transfer is made. Depositing of amount in account: This also positively impacts the confidence levels of our employees translating into better job performance and satisfaction.

This includes credit marketing department, credit administration department, and trade finance service department. Details of these banks are then entered into the clearing schedule containing number of cheques presented and their total amount against the name of each bank.

There are two types of bills for collection: Therefore they work more than their working hours and it is all according to their will.

Mis Halima helped me in learning about Cash Department.

Enjoy the benefits of this exclusive offer on your Bank Alfalah credit card. The bank should give attention to this drawback. These deposits are lent out to different parties such deposit creation is done through open an account in the bank. This process takes a day because the Cheque books come from the Karachi head office. Second clearing is called at 2: They make customer calls and personally visit the potential customer to convince them to invest. Its directors were conducting interbship business like that of limited companies.

I certify that I have read report Bank Alfalah Limited in detail and in my opinion this work meets the criteria for approving a project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters Degree at Institute.

If any cheque is to return that is delivered to the same bank in second clearing. If he is cleared from all the liabilities then further proceeds are taken.

As Lodhran branch is a new one its employees have to bring their bank among the list of good banks. All the customers are entertained individually.

In the core group there are 2 committees i. They will thus be accelerating their enable them distribute their products and services through most efficient and high-tech means. The imports figure of Rs. Bank Alfalah also does not charge any annual fee and no charges when you avail credit card facility. In this dynamic environment every organization has intenship own Marketing Department which is responsible for creating the demand of its goods and services.


Contra-liability vouchers are also posted in the system.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

This knowledge and practical experience was the thing which helped us in completing the internship report. Revenues from these activities have started yielding dividends and they expect significant growth. With a focused and efficient platform we expect nothing less of ourselves and offer nothing less to our clients. These ratings are indicative of a very high credit quality and low potential for credit risk. Then the payment will be made.

During the internship a student comes to particle knowledge. These forms are as follows: Our focus is on improving performance in each of our businesses to achieve consistent and superior returns for four highly valued clients and stakeholders. During the last quarter BAL kept its position as a major mortgage financier, in spite of aggressive competitive posturing by other major banks.

I Provide Approval for Waiver on All extra charges imposed on customer in case of customer die. Najam-ul-Hassan Qazi has good coordination with staff members. Development of professional skills and knowledge of the employees is essential for the efficient functioning of any organization. Clearing officer checks and verifies title of all the cheques deposited by the customers to confirm the good title of the cheques.