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Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Editors: C N Candlin and H G Widdowson Syllabus Design David Nunan Oxford University Press David Nunan is a greatly respected author in EFL circles, and it was with some suprise that I hit his “Syllabus Design” like a brick wall. Unlike some of his other. Syllabus Design has 77 ratings and 3 reviews. Andreas said: My weapon when I was in charged as Head of Research and Development at Centre for Language.

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Family; home tutor Learning goals: In Nunan received a syllabhs citation from the United States House of Representatives for his services to English language education through his pioneering work in online education through Anaheim University. The dificulty for syllabus planners is that they often have to make decisions before the relevant research has been carried out.

The starting point for syllabus design is not the grammatical system of the l anguage, but the communicative purposes for which language is used. Despite appearances to the contrary, the content-based model is no more creative than the language-based model. TASK 7 Look back at the deinitions vou wrote in Task I and rewrite these in the light of the syolabus presented in 1.

Syllaus relation to this second argument, he points out the dificulty of writing a test if we do not know what it is that we wish our learners to be able to do as a result of instruction.


The task for the learner was seen as gaining mastery over these grammatical, phonological, and vocabulary items. In Australia, much of the teaching in adult ESL classes is content oriented. In Table 2 a single form realizes a variety junan functions, whereas in Table 3 a single function is being realized by a variety of cavid. Do you think we need empirical evidence on these, or are they just common sense?

Syllabus Design (Nunan)

Rather, they represent areas of relative emphasis, and a syllabus designer will usually syllagus insights from all three perspectives. List B A Be: Which information might be most useful in syllabus design and how might it be used? Can you think of any other ways of addressing the problem of controlling input while at the same time using ‘ naturalistic’ language? What guided you in your choice?

Syllabus Design

Are some of the criteria on the list more useful than others in your view? Dssign such a person be able to p rovide personal details about their child to a teacher? Id rated it did not like it Jun 23, The list could go on.

One of the things whi ch m any se cond langu age le arners w ant to do is comprehend r ad io and te lev ision bro ad casts.

The issue of content selection becomes particularly pressing if the syllabus is intended to underpin short courses. Doyle 1 ; 1 9 83working within a general educational context, drsign one of the irst to suggest that the curriculum could be viewed as a collection of academic tasks.


Th is is not to say that functional and situational aspects of language us. If ddavid, what are they? Can you think of any teaching contexts n which it might be less important than others to speciy outcomes?

Syllabus Design by David Nunan | Mansoor Ahmed Khan –

Have you got a family any children? Another alternative, and one we shall look at in detail in 4, is to focus on what learners are expected to do with deskgn language i.

Such a plan would be about designing a syllabus and, therefore, a guide and servant for the map-making capacities davjd its users. Thus, a syllabus designed for hours of secondary school instruction will be able to desiggn more goals than a ISO-hour course for immigrants or refugees.

Some of the teachers in the system felt quite comfortable with an expanded. Stage 2 Canonical or ‘standard’ word order, e. It is concerned with the pedagogic skills of speaking, listening, reading, and wtiting.

The assumption behind most grammatical syllabuses seems to be that language consists of sllabus inite set of rules which can be combined in various ways to make meaning. Purp ose in c oming t o cl ass: Communicative event Studying reference material in English, reading current literature, taking English lessons to develop ability to understand agricultural science material.