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DGDJ. to 85_C. Pin SOIC. DGDY. Pin TSSOP. DGDQ . value is a minimum and the most positive a maximum, is used in this data sheet. DGDJ datasheet, DGDJ pdf, DGDJ data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, Single 8-Channel/Differential 4-Channel / CMOS Analog. DGDJ 8-Ch/Dual 4-Ch Hi-performance CMOS Analog Multiplexers. FEATURES. Low On-Resistance–rDS(on): W Low Charge Injection–Q: 20 pC Fast.

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GD Datasheet catalog

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Goodman This much-needed reference is the first to cover all the most common types of eight-bit microcontrollers. II by Joseph J. Filled with functional projects that demonstrate the principles of RF circuits, this revision of a bestseller also provides a handy parts list and sources of components. The problem with displaying wide-ranging signals is that the smallest values are hardly visible above zero, while the largest values may be saturated.

This article takes a look at some of the devices we use to measure and control temperature. Presented here is a dynamic selection of the popular practical 40l7B-based circuits. Caristi This solid-state circuit contains no moving parts. The electronic compass described here is easy to build and will easily outperform the old-fashioned magnetic types.

We already use them for navigation, but could it be possible to also use them to predict earthquakes? Ham Gear foi Sale. Prize Drawing53 Reader feedback.

Check out the demonstration project using a simple remote recording thermometer. Sg408dj seven new devices that offer even more capabilities. It’s relatively simple, consisting of a magnetized pointer or needle balanced and suspended on a pivot. Although even the most inexpensive compasses really work, they leave a lot to be desired.

The magnetic north pole of the earth is actually located in datsheet Northwest Territories of Canada. This line is identified as “zero degrees” in Figure 1. The map in Figure 1 can be used to determine the amount of magnetic declination for all parts of the continental United States. The electronic compass described here is extremely easy to build, and will easily outperform the old fashioned magnetic types.

It utilizes a device called a linear Hall-Effect generator which produces an electrical output that is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field passing through the semiconductor material.

Datasheet «DG408»

Since this compass contains no moving parts, it is extremely rugged and can tolerate virtually any by Anthony i. Caristi kind of stresses that might be encountered when traveling in rough or mountainous terrain. It is easy to use, and will provide a quick and reliable reading. Power to operate the circuit is provided by a common nine-volt transistor radio battery that will allow many hours of intermittent operation.

A Hall-Effect sensor consists of a small sheet of semiconductor material through which a bias current flows. Their AD magnetic field sensor utilizes a pair of Hall-Effect devices that are fed to a differential amplifier.


The use of a regulator is required to maintain circuit stability as the terminal voltage of the battery decreases with use. U2 is a surface mount linear output magnetic field sensor that produces an output voltage which is proportional to a magnetic field that is applied perpendicularly to the top surface of the package. This eliminates the non-linear torque and erratic banging motion of a hard stop.

The electronics of the PPS1 allows the user to program and store the desired dg408j profile using the simple user interface, Datashdet device that datashfet connect a wire to ground switch, sensor. To access Repair H-orid. The chip contains a built-in dg48dj that utilizes external resistors R2 and R3 to set the gain of the device.

Using the values shown in the schematic, the sensitivity of U2 is about 1. U3A is the op-amp section of the chip and has a gain of as determined by R4 and R5, It has a large value of capacitance across the feedback resistor to filter out any AC signals generated by the demodulator in the magnetic sensor.

The op- amp output voltage at pin 1 is fed to the positive input of comparator U38, pin 5. Potentiometer R7 is set during calibration so that the voltage at the wiper is somewhere between the maximum and minimum output voltage daatasheet pin 1 of U3A as the compass is rotated a full degrees.

Thus, it can be seen that the output voltage of the comparator at pin 7 will be high when the compass is facing magnetic north, and low when it is facing degrees away from magnetic north. Then, the North Pole indicator is positioned at the center of the arc. The scale of the compass will then indicate all compass directions. This allows it to be installed vertically in a small, square enclosure less than one inch high.

The vatasheet is not critical, and may be wired on a perfboard, if desired. Figure 3 illustrates the printed layout, shown in full size as seen from the copper side of the board. At final assembly, LED1 will be mounted to the top surface of the enclosure, at the north indicator of the scale Figure 7.

Figure 4 illustrates the parts placement. The first components that should be assembled to the board are U2 and U3. These are surface mount components that must be properly soldered in place, with a low wattage soldering iron, that has a pointed tip.

As indicated in the printed layout of Figure 3, pin 1 of each 1C pattern is represented by a dot. Printed layout shown full size as seen from the copper side of the board. Rinse well in cold water and dry thoroughly. An assistant will be helpful with this and the next step.