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54 Mbps Wireless ADSL2+Modem Router Users manual 2 details for FCC ID Configure AP1 (the the DGG v4 ADSL Modem Wireless Router in the above. 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2+Modem Router manual details for FCC ID PY If you purchased the DGG v4 in a country where an ADSL filter is not. Product and Publication Details Model Number: DGG v4 Publication Date: April Product Family: Modem Router Product Name: 54 Mbps ADSL Modem .

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NETGEAR does not assume any liability that may occur due to the use or application of the product s or circuit layout s described herein. A direct connection to the Internet and a Web browser such as Internet Dg834f or Netscape are required. Changing the Administrator Login Time-out B Appendix C Related Documents v2. The information in this manual is intended for readers with intermediate computer and Internet skills.

The PDF version of the chapter you were viewing opens in a browser window. This is usually the case.

Figure This login window opens: Enter admin for the user name and password for the password, both in lower case letters. In either case, use the configuration settings that your ISP provided to assure that the configuration for your Internet connection is correct. To test your Internet connection, click Test. If a secondary DNS server address dg83g4 available, enter it also.

If no login is required, you can specify the MAC Address setting. Click Apply to save your settings. Click Test to test your Internet connection.

This might also appear only if no If required be called the host name. Usually NAT is enabled.

DG834v4 – ADSL Modem Router

This disables NAT, but leaves the firewall active. Disable NAT only if you are sure that you do not require it. In planning your wireless network, consider the level of security required.

You should also select the physical placement of your modem router to maximize the network speed. The latency, data throughput performance, and notebook power consumption of wireless adapters also vary depending on your configuration choices.

Select Wireless Settings from the main menu to display the Wireless Settings screen: Figure The settings for this screen are explained in Table Select the region in which the modem router will operate.

Windows XP, but mxnual data is still fully exposed to a determined snoop using specialized test equipment like wireless manuzl. Wireless Isolation This feature is disabled by default. You can use this setting to establish wireless connectivity before implementing wireless security. WEP security uses encryption keys and data encryption for data security.

You can select bit or bit encryption. You can allow only trusted PCs to connect so that unknown PCs cannot wirelessly connect to the modem router. Restricting access by MAC address adds an obstacle against unwanted access to your network, but the data broadcast over the wireless link is fully exposed.

  LEY 107-13 PDF

You can use Wireless Access Point settings in the Wireless Setting screen to further restrict wireless access to your network: Adjust the list as needed for your network.

You can add devices to the Trusted Wireless Stations list using fg834g of the following methods: Select the Authentication Type: Automatic, Open System, or Shared Key. The default is Open System.

The authentication scheme is separate from the data encryption. You can select an authentication scheme that requires a shared key but still leaves the data transmissions unencrypted.

These values are not case-sensitive.

You can manually enter the four data encryption keys. These values must be identical on all computers and access points in your network.

Enter 10 hexadecimal digits any combination of 0 9, a f, manua A — Port number of the Radius server. The default is This is shared between the wireless access point and the Radius server during authentication. To save your settings, click Apply. The user name and password are not the same as a user name or password you might use to log in to your Internet connection. The ideal password should contain no dictionary words from any language, and should be a mixture of both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

From the main menu, under the Maintenance heading, select Set Password to display the Set Password screen: To change the password, first enter the old password, and then enter the new password twice. Manuap its content filtering feature, the modem router prevents objectionable content from reaching your PCs.

You can control access to Internet content by screening for keywords within Web addresses.

To enable keyword blocking, select one of the following: Turn on keyword blocking according to the settings on the Schedule screen. Turn on keyword blocking all the time, independent of the setting in the Schedule screen. By adding custom rules, you can block or allow access based on the service or application, source or destination IP addresses, and time of day.

Select when you want this type of traffic to be handled. You can block or allow always, or you can choose to block or allow according to the schedule you have defined in the Schedule screen. Consider using the Dynamic DNS feature so that external users can always find your network. Figure The Outbound Services screen includes the following fields: Select the application or service from the drop-down list to be allowed or blocked.

You can use the Add Custom Service feature to add any additional services or applications that are not in the list; Figure For any traffic attempting to pass through the firewall, the packet information is subjected to the rules in the order shown in the rules table, beginning at the top and proceeding to the default rules at the bottom. Log in to the modem router at its default LAN address of http: Enabling daylight savings time causes 1 hour to be added to the standard time.


Backing Up, Restoring, or Erasing Your Settings The configuration settings of the modem router are stored in a configuration file in the modem router. If the upgrade file is compressed a. After the upgrade is complete, you might need to restore your configuration settings. Figure The Router Status screen provides status and usage information.

If no address is shown, the modem router cannot connect to the Internet. These are set in Region The country where the unit is set up for use. Connecting to The connection status.

If you enabled content filtering in the Block Sites screen, the Logs screen can show you when someone on your network tries to access a blocked site. Following are examples of log messages. In all cases, the log entry shows the timestamp as: Activation and Administration Tue, Select this check box if you want to receive e-mail logs and alerts from the modem router. Select the corresponding check box if you would like immediate notification of a significant security event, such as a known attack, port scan, or attempted access to a blocked site.

Figure Enabling Remote Management Using the Remote Management screen, you can allow a user or users on the Internet to configure, upgrade, and check the status of your modem router. Under the Advanced heading of the main menu, select Remote Management to display the Remote Management screen: Select the Turn Remote Management On check box. For example, if your external address is In this case, you must include http: Make the changes that you want, and then click Apply to save the settings.

The WAN Setup fields are described in the following table: This should be used only as a diagnostic tool, since it allows your modem router to be discovered. These features can be found under the Advanced heading in the modem router main menu.

Click Apply to save the changes. The assigned default gateway address is the LAN address of the router.


IP addresses is assigned to the attached PCs from a pool of addresses specified in this screen. Reserved IP addresses should be assigned to servers that require permanent IP settings. To use this feature, you must select a service provider and obtain an account with them.

After you have configured your account information in the router, whenever your ISP-assigned IP address changes, your router will automatically contact your Dynamic DNS service provider, log in to your account, and register your new IP address.

The dynamic DNS service provider may call the host name a domain name. If your URL is myName. The password can be a key for your dynamic DNS account. Fill in or change the fields: