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Both parts have an opening in the tube, allowing continuous aspiration of tissue during a complete cutter cycle movement. Experimental assessments show maintenance of constant high aspiration flow independent of cutter speed using a two-dimensional cutting TDC vitrectome for vitreous removal.

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Endotron Geuder AG. Early gauge dlrc systems were marked by reduced fluid flow and longer vitrectomy duration compared with gauge systems [ 9 ]. Size 20, 23, 25, 27 gauge. Advocates of microincisional vitrectomy instrumentation highlight surgical advantages compared with conventional gauge surgery in addition to sutureless vitrectomy capability, namely, reduced operating time, greater precision in performing delicate maneuvers, less tissue manipulation, and reduced postoperative inflammation and rapid visual recovery [ 1112 ].

However, enlarging the asaociate diameter of a vitreous cutter to increase flow becomes less effective as the port becomes larger [ 2 ].

Until this is available, your continued use of this site will be deemed as consent to use of cookies. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. A total of 80 patients were enrolled, with equal numbers, or 20 eyes, randomly allocated to one of four surgical treatment groups: The reported comparative evaluation of core vitrectomy duration in 80 patients undergoing surgery for macular pucker epiretinal membranes revealed that surgical case time using TDC vitrectome PPV is less than vitrectomy operating time performed using a standard single port cutter of the dofc gauge.


Future follow-up studies might usefully evaluate postoperative visual, anatomic, and safety outcomes.

Results suggest significantly decreased operating time for core vitrectomy. Evaluations reported herein are nonetheless limited by small research scale and asociate the fact that the same surgeon performed all vitrectomies in this single-centre clinical assessment.

Associate Dual | Beye

Initially, these tests were performed with water. Before each test, a priming procedure was performed to ensure that the aspiration tubing of the cutter was completely filled with water and that the cutter was positioned with its tip into a cup filled with fluid.

The same tests were then performed using artificial vitreous humor as aspirating fluid. The study adhered to the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki, and local regulatory requirements were fulfilled. Moreover, the continuous open wssociate of the TDC vitreous cutter permits greater tissue removal efficiency that is unaffected by cutter velocities, showing the potential of TDC vitrectome technology for faster, less turbulent, and potentially safer smaller-gauge vitrectomy.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Dprcwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the dodc work is properly cited.

Alterations in geometrical design and size of vitrectomy probe, together with duty cycle, which is the proportion of time the cutter port is open rather than closed relative to a complete opening and closing surgical cutting cycle, and cutting speed provide additional performance odrc for more efficient and safer surgery.

When vitreous enters the inner aperture, it is cut first in a forward motion and then again during the backward motion. A prospective single-centre clinical study assessed duration of core vitrectomy procedure using a TDC vitrectome versus a standard single-cut guillotine vitrectome; the results reveal shorter operating times using a double-cutting TDC vitrectomy probe.


The concept of a double-cutting instrument for use in ophthalmic surgery was first patented in [ 4 ]. Trending in Retina Powered by: At-a-Glance Dual system, phaco and vitrectomy Twin pump system, peristaltic and venturi Programmable dual linear footswitch.

A TDC vitrectome delivered good overall stability in aspiration flow rate that is independent of cut speed. dorf

A first cutting movement occurs by cooperation of the distal end of the inner part with the distal cutting edge of the outer part. View at Google Scholar F.

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Max Vaccum Not specified. There is undoubtedly a surgical learning curve involved in mastering the technique of using small-gauge vitrectomy instruments, typically involving the first 20 or so cases.

Aspiration flow rates remained constant independent of TDC vitrectome cut rate, while flow rates decreased linearly at higher cutter speeds using a classic single-blade vitrectome.

In vitro investigations compared aspiration flow rates in artificial vitreous humor at varying cutter speeds and vacuum levels using a TDC vitrectome and a standard vitrectome across different aspiration pump systems.

Journal of Ophthalmology

Overall, 60000 case duration using a TDC vitrectome in combination with the EVA surgical machine was shorter than vitrectomy operating time using a standard or classic single-cut vitrectome in patients undergoing vitrectomy for epiretinal membranes. In vitro evaluations were undertaken to assess volumetric aspiration flow rates the main outcome measure of a two-dimensional cutting vitrectome compared with a standard vitrectome of the same gauge.

Evolution of Vitrectomy Cutter Technology.