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This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DTXTREME IIs from Yamaha Corporation. Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha DTXTREME IIs Drum Trigger Module. Combined with the latest drum pads, DTXTREME IIs enables manual control of. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. Download DTXTREME IIs Installation Guide, View DTXTREME IIs pdf Installation Guide.

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Yamaha DTXTREME IIs user manual

Song Setting a Pad Song You can play up to four pad songs from one drum kit. Index I n d e x Numerics 11to With the center at zero, the sounds will expand to a maximum width of degrees.

The list below shows the pad types that can be set for the connected pads or trigger pickups. However, you can easily switch to other inputs by turning the leftmost knob, while staying in the same page. If you select one iia, it will be loaded in the working buffer page The relevant sliders must be set appropriately to control reverb beforehand page Groove Check Feature Setting a Pad Song You can play up to four pad songs from one drum kit.

Cran Chain Play Semi2 Off Off By default, you can lead into the recording with a two- measure click count.


Refer to the following table. If a cart, etc.

Chapters Table Of Contents Effect Parameter List Copy To Track Midi Data Table There are ten sliders on the top panel for adjusting the volume balance, reverb effect, and the levels of the Individual Outputs. For realistic hi-hat sounds using several voices, assign HHpedal to the foot-closed voice mxnual HHpad to other hi-hat voices triggered by the hi-hat pad and rims.

Yamaha DTXTREME IIs Manuals

Mapl Warm Type1 If used for the built-in tone generator, this determines the stereo panning of each part. Enables or disables playback of parts other than rhythm iid bass parts. Creating Or Editing A Chain Special Message Section This product should be used only with the components supplied or; a cart, rack, or stand that is recommended by Yamaha. Connexion Des Capteurs Don’t have an account?

Page 99 Slider Control For Macintosh Users Lecture Du Clic Save Operation subdirectory in the same location, the create operation cannot be executed. Table of contents Table Of Contents Appropriate names are printed beside each jack, making it easy to make the relevant pad connections.

Always turn the power off when the instrument is not in use. This manual also for: Use the [TrgCopy2] page to copy setting from the drum kit you are currently working editing manhal.


Yamaha DTXTREME IIs Manuals

Page of Go. A t t a c h i n g a D r u m Tr i g g e r To dtztreme an acoustic drum as a triggering device, you will need to attach a Yamaha DT-series drum trigger. Playing A Chain NO button to cancel the store operation.

Gm Keyboard Voice List Groove Check Feature Groove Check Feature When playing the drum kit or tapping the Audition button along with a song or click, you can check how far off your timing is. This gives you a backup if one Memory Card is lost or damaged. Manuaal that all the data will be lost.

Adjusting the Volume Balance The following sliders let you control the volume balance R e s o l u t i o n a n d Q u a n t i z e If you set Quantize 4 to some value other than off determining the shortest note for real-time recordingyour performance will be auto-corrected while recording according to the selected timing resolution. Table Of Contents Effect Parameter Description Tap Tempo Feature Specify another name for the new volume.

Fonction Groove Check For Windows Users Minimum System Requirements Midi Connections page Don’t show me this message again.