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This Regulation applies to the behaviour of the steering mechanism of motor vehicles of category M1, and vehicles of category N1, with the maximum. ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO STEERING EQUIPMENT Incorporating: Supplement 1. Regulation No 79 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with.

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InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

This allows complex systems to automatically change their r9 with a priority which depends on the sensed circumstances. Except for parts of ASE not considered susceptible to breakdown as specified in paragraph 5. Trailers equipped with hydraulic steering transmissions shall comply also with Annex 5. A function which is over-ridden becomes part of the complex system. Trade name or mark of vehicle Identification of units Each unit shall be clearly and unambiguously identifiable e.

However, in the case where any mechanical part of the transmission is designed only to give position feedback and is too weak to transmit the total sum of the steering forces, this system shall be considered to be purely hydraulic or purely electric steering transmission.

Systems that do not themselves positively actuate the steering system but that, possibly in conjunction with passive infrastructure features, simply warn the driver of a deviation from the ideal path of the vehicle, or of an unseen hazard, by means of a tactile warning transmitted through the steering control, are also considered to 7r9 corrective steering.

Provisions for the periodic technical inspection of steering equipment.

This equipment is generally electrical but may, in some part, be mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. Require a further test report from the technical service responsible for conducting the tests. Confirmation or extension or refusal of approval, specifying the alterations, shall be communicated by the procedure specified in paragraph 4. Type of steering equipment The functionality of the trailer steering system including the impact on manoeuvrability when the connector is connected and disconnected.

Names and addresses of technical services responsible for conducting approval tests and of administrative departments ANNEXES Annex 1 — Communication concerning the approval or refusal or extension or withdrawal of approval or production definitely discontinued of a vehicle type with regard to steering equipment pursuant to Regulation No 79 Annex 2 — Arrangements of approval marks Annex 3 — Braking performance for vehicles using the same energy source to supply steering equipment and braking device Annex 4 — Additional provisions for vehicles equipped with ASE Annex 5 — Provision for trailers having hydraulic steering transmission Annex 6 — Special requirements to be applied to the safety aspects of complex electronic vehicle control systems 0.

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The approval mark shall be clearly legible and shall be indelible. Provisions for Trailers 6. The test described in paragraph 6. The towing vehicle shall be marked to indicate the maximum current available for the trailer as defined in Paragraph 2.

Penalties for Non-conformity of Production 9. Provisions for trailers having hydraulic steering transmissions. If a Contracting Party to the Agreement applying this Regulation withdraws an approval it has previously granted, it shall forthwith so notify the other Contracting Parties applying this Regulation, by means of a communication form conforming to the model in Annex 1 to this Regulation.

Our online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation. Trailers equipped with a connector for the supply of electrical energy to the trailer steering system shall be marked to include the following information: This includes all wheels which are steered in the same direction; 2. However for trailers with self-tracking steering equipment, the axle load ratio between unsteered or articulated steered axles and friction-steered axles shall be at least 1 under all loading conditions.

As a result, such technologies undermine the fundamental assumption that the driver is responsible for the vehicle and thus present the regulatory community with a host of unprecedented opportunities and challenges in ensuring road safety.

Help Print this page. At the time of Type Approval the means implemented to protect against simple unauthorized modification to the operation of the verification means chosen by the manufacturer e. Until uniform test procedures have been agreed, the vehicle manufacturer shall provide the technical services with their test procedures and results for transient t79 of the vehicle in the case of failure.

There shall not be any increase in the outer radius of the swept annular width. Such systems, often controlled by software, are built from discrete functional components such as sensors, electronic control units and r97 and connected by transmission links. Control Systems The requirements of Annex 6 shall be applied to the safety aspects of electronic vehicle control systems that provide or form part of the control transmission of ecee steering function including advanced driver assistance steering systems.

It is expected that at some time in the future, the International Standards Organization ISO Standard, ISOwill be amended to take account of transmission of steering control data. However in the case of a failure in any system which shares the same energy supply steering shall be ensured in accordance with the relevant failure conditions of paragraph 5.


Regulation No 79 Revision 2 Incorporating all valid text up to: The test manoeuvres shall begin at an energy storage level given in Paragraph 5. The vehicle shall meet the requirements of Paragraph 6. Combination of steering transmissions A combination of mechanical, hydraulic and electric transmissions shall comply with the requirements specified in paragraphs 2.

If applicable, name and address of manufacturer’s representative The steering equipment consists of: A list of all input and sensed variables shall be provided and the working range of these defined.

This has led to several concerns regarding responsibility for the ecee control of the vehicle and the absence of any internationally agreed data transmission protocols with respect to off-board or external control of steering.

The manufacturer shall, by the use of this identification, affirm that the equipment supplied conforms to the corresponding document. However, systems or functions, that use the steering system as the means of achieving a higher level objective, are subject to Annex 6 only insofar as they have a direct effect on the steering system.

Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect and that in any case the vehicle still complies with the requirements; or. Highlights of the first GRVA session. Need more search options? The failure shall be introduced when the specified test speed has been reached.

If an energy source failure occurs, service braking performance on the first brake application shall achieve the values given in the table below. In the case of axles fitted with ASE, this test shall be repeated with the vehicle loaded to its technically permissible maximum mass and the axle equipped with ASE loaded to its maximum permissible load.

If alignment is not retained automatically, the trailer must be equipped with a suitable adjustment facility for maintenance. UNECE R covers the approval of single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles, with the exception of certain special-use vehicles such as ambulances, school buses, prison buses, etc.