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(Deutsch) Perfektes Dokumenten-Management online: EGroupware verwaltet all Ihre Dokumente transparent Online File Server and Document Management. This document explains eGroupWare’s infrastructure and API, along with what is required to integrate applications into it. WikkiTikkiTavi is the original version of this documentation system. Their documentation is usable for the eGroupWare Wiki too. For the features of WikkiTikkiTavi.

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Please login to the console or via ‘ssh root [clearosIP]’ as you will need root rights.

(Deutsch) Dokumenten-Management mit EGroupware

This instruction is based on the default eGroupWare installation path, you can change this yourself http: This how-to is based on version 1. And now for the fun part….

Click Run installation tests a set of tests is now run, if the PHP. Click Continue to the Header Admin The header file is the actual configuration file that is needed to initialize eGroupware.


Installation on your own server – Free version | EGroupware

You can leave the settings default, but must specify and note passwords for the following accounts:. In your ssh console run the following to protect your newly created header file and create two directories you will be needing later on.

Note that documehtation is a message that the database is not working. This is because setup is trying to create a database with the newly created ‘DB user’ who does not have these rights. Click Create Admin Account The account used for administrating all user accounts and settings.

Now click Back to user login left side frame and log in with your newly created admin account…. Click Admin icon first icon next to the logo and select ‘User Accounts’. In the ‘Edit user account’ screen check the information and select the applications that you want to use with this account.

User Tools Register Login. Table of Contents Setup eGroupware.


Step 1 – Simple Application Management. Step 2 – Configuration.

Step 3 – Admin Account. Necessary and configured ClearOS modules: Just fill in your [MySQL root password] and click Create Database and if you don’t see any errors click Re-Check my installation if you get the message: Download the Cyber Risk Report.