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Embriologie – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Embriologie umana. Save. Embriologie. For Later. save. Report. Embriologia Umana – M. De download free! NS. nb4Cg Soto. Updated 12 October Transcript. Click to. Embriologia umana by William J. Larsen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Posted by alina75m in medicaleUncategorized. Posted by alina75m in Uncategorized. FETUS la 15 saptamani. In mammals it is very common to speak of folliculogenesis, to indicate the different phases through the follicle development.

Folliculogenesis is a dynamic and complex process, umxna which the follicle goes through several stages of development.

Embriologia Umana – M. De download free! by nb4Cg Soto on Prezi

The whole oocyte and its companion cells called primordial follicle Fig. When girls reach puberty, the ovaries begin a phase of activity characterized by cyclic crecimieno and maturation of small embriologid of follicles.

The progression of folliculogenesis, i. Continuously primordial follicles leave the reserve to become primary follicles Fig. This transition involves changes.

Curs Optional Anul VI – Embriologie Clinica si Reproducere Umana

It reaches a diameter two to three times greater than the primordial follicles and as the oocyte increases in size, the single layer of flattened follicular cells is initially converted into a cubic cell layer and then cylindrical. These cells show increased mitotic activity gradually proliferate and assuming the appearance of a stratified epithelium. As their cytoplasm is granular appearance, they are often also called granulosa cells.


In this phase the oocyte with a diameter of 50 to 80 microns, is separated from the follicle cells by a transparent and homogeneous membrane, which is called the zona pellucida. As follicles grow in size, they gradually moving into the cortex. Continuing with follicular development and when the granular layer reaches a thickness of embriologis rows of cells therebetween appear several small cavities filled with fluid which is secreted by the follicle cells themselves.

At this stage the hair follicle is called secondary or antral Fig. Subsequently these cavities converge to form a crescent-shaped space called follicular antrum. The presence of cavities eccentrically moving the oocyte is also more developed microns. The fully mature follicle is called Graafian follicle Fig. The follicular antrum determines that the oocyte be moved to one pole of the follicle and is situated in a small cell called cumulus oophorus accumulation.

In this phase, the follicle occupies virtually the entire thickness of the bark and starts to make embossed on the surface of the ovary. The impending embrio,ogie of the follicle is preceded by a rapid growth: Once produced the release of the oocyte remains empty follicle and the surrounding tissue are transformed into a structure known as corpus luteum gland Fig.


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A primordial follicle, B, primary follicle, C, advanced primary follicle, D, secondary follicle, E, mature follicle, F, corpus luteum. One can observe the different schemes follicles and embeiologie a photograph thereof taken under an optical microscope. Follicles are not to scale. Una alta despre bio histo-medicale-psiho.

Modelul holoblastic segmentare completa: Dezvoltarea oului Posted by alina75m in Uncategorized. FETUS la 15 saptamani de la 16 saptamani: Oogenesis Posted by alina75m in Uncategorized.

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