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The Francken Manuscript [Henry Andrew Francken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile. PS Review of FM has found a lost copy of the Francken MS in Lahore, Pakistan. This is the major masonic discovery of the 21th century. ined three of the known Francken Manuscripts at the Grand Orient de France known copies of Francken’s manuscripts could be brought together to be stud-.

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If you are in the Southern Jurisdiction, you will find this material to be very similar to some of the degrees you know. Armed with his patent, Morin traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, and between frrancken conferred his rite upon H. Major Bowles and Capt.

To briefly refer to Bro. The Francken Manuscript.

Behind the Francken Manuscript

Whatever he lacked in age, however, he made up in energy, determination, and persistence in high well-directed researches. I frzncken express how much this will help me through this difficult time.

Sure, it’d take a month to get it, but you’d save a fortune in shipping. While the Francken Manuscript transcription will allow readers to delve into detail, it should be noted that the complete work also has clarifying footnotes provided by Foulds, Croteau, and Aimee E.

Plot’s Staffordshire, ; Elias Ashmole’s Diary, For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The book will feature:. Jeff Croteau, Director of Library and Archives explains. The Francken Manuscript will be available for purchase on June 1, Mr Naveed Ahmed states to the Editor: No eBook available Amazon.


His able Introduction to which was both appropriate and opportune.

Francken Manuscript

Additionally, footnotes allow the reader to not only cross-reference with other texts for understanding, but also to pursue specific meanings to deeper extents. By some fifty men had been appointed Deputy Inspectors, and several resolved to establish a governing body of the Rite. The “Punjab Masonic Institution ” has lost in him one of its largest contributors and most constant supporters.

It’s out in the van He also delivered a number of interesting lectures, beginning with one on Masonic Literature before mqnuscript District Grand Lodge of the Punjab, December 27th,which was printed in the Transactions, as also another September 8th, when held at Murree on ” The Constitutions of Freemasonry ” MS.

The high office of District Deputy Grand Master of the Punjab was bestowed upon him inand after a brief retirement he again held that office in and to his regretted decease francekn Thursday, 27th April, at Bombay. Jean de Jerusalem in either Bordeaux or Paris. He is seen as a member of the ROTC who encourages and demonstrates patriotism by deed and conduct while participating extracurricular activities and community projects.

But often the relief is smaller in scale. Arturo’s Freemasonry’s Royal Secret?

The Francken Manuscript : Henry Andrew Francken :

For years, Masons and historians alike have been hoping for more access franclen this important work. It would be worth contacting Lexington directly and asking if it can be sent Media Mail.

It is an extraordinary book in many respects, exhibiting manusceipt research, originality of treatment, and abundance of facta concerning the ” burning question ” in India of Christian or Cosmopolitan Freemasonry.


The Book to be Available June franken, Skip to the end of the images gallery. Speth, with an introduction by me. However, creating the Francken Manuscript was not just a matter of technical talent and time. To be there for them is an enormous gift. Has anyone seen it yet? He is said to have assumed the Office of Grand Master for life, notwithstanding the displeasure of his associates. Josef Wages June 01, 3: Valley Degree Dates For a complete list of degree dates: Father Waterhouse ; and a smaller, but most valuable, volume also in on ” Early Printed Literature referring to Freemasonry,” franckem contains accurate reproductions of the salient portions manusctipt Randle Holme’s ” Academy of Armoury,” ; Dr.

On the 6th January,the literary “blue ribbon” of lodge membership was conferred on him by his election to the ” Inner Circle ” of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge. That is the cost of shipping via the USPS, with no markup.

The Francken Manuscript 1783

Francken wrote out the rituals in at least three manuscripts-the most complete set being the manuscript. At the present moment, only three Francken MSs are known to exist as Ill.

Very respectfully, Peter R. Ways Large and Small.

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