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DEVELOPPEMENT MATHEMATIQUE ET APPLICATIONS DE LA GRAVITATION QUANTIQUE A BOUCLES. Thesis (PDF Available) · January. Des chercheurs de l’Institut Périmètre travaillent activement sur un certain nombre d’approches de ce problème, dont la gravitation quantique à boucles, les . 19 avr. A quantum theory of gravitation aims at describing the gravitational La gravité quantique à boucles étant toujours une théorie en cours de.

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Ordinary measurements of geometric quantities are macroscopic, and planckian discreteness is smoothed out. In other words, it says that for large orbits and for large energiesquantum calculations must agree garvitation classical calculations.

While this presents no problems for a topological field theory as it has no local degrees of freedom, it presents problems for GR. Euh, oui, mais du coup, enfin, elles sont pas totalement inobservables. This is the second result.

Loop quantum gravity

Soutenez nous avec Patreon! This is known as the problem triangularization dependence. With analogy to quantiaue Fourier integral given above, this generalized projector can formally be written as. HolonomyWilson loopand Knot invariant. After the first introductory chapter, we will use the original self-dual connection to repeat the canonical analysis for the Holst action, while leaving the Barbero–Immirzi parameter untouched. Thus, one is forced to work with the original unrescaled, density one-valued, Hamiltonian constraint.


The set of all possible spin networks or, more accurately, “s-knots” — that is, equivalence bouclew of spin networks under diffeomorphisms is countable; it constitutes a basis of LQG Hilbert space.

Retranscription: la gravité quantique à boucles

Consequently, not just matter, but space itself, prefers an atomic structure. Probed at a macroscopic scale, it appears as a three-dimensional continuous metric geometry. Instead, they are expected to give rise to space and time at distances which are large compared to the Planck length. In general relativity, general covariance is intimately related to “diffeomorphism invariance”. This framework was originally introduced by Freidel and Speziale, but only for the case of SU 2 Ashtekar–Barbero variables.

Enfin, cette … David: The reason is that the rescaled Hamiltonian constraint is a scalar density of weight two while it can be shown that only scalar densities of weight one have a chance to result in a well defined operator. These are the defining symmetry transformations of General Relativity since the theory is formulated only in terms of a differentiable manifold.

Retranscription: la gravité quantique à boucles – Podcast Science

We analyze the proposal of reconstructing geometry from correlations. Based on the fluctuations of the horizon area, a quantum black hole exhibits deviations from the Hawking spectrum that would be observable were X-rays from Hawking radiation of evaporating primordial black holes to be observed. This is the only known derivation of this formula from a fundamental theory, for the case of generic non singular black holes. An alternative criticism is that general relativity may be an effective field theoryand therefore quantization ignores the fundamental degrees of freedom.


Planck starblack hole firewalland black hole information paradox. Views Read Edit View history. Also, obviously as any quantity Poisson commutes with itself, bboucles the master constraint being a single constraint, it satisfies. Sundance Bilson-ThompsonHackett et al. Part III, chapter 4.

Black hole thermodynamics is the area of study that seeks to reconcile the laws of thermodynamics with the existence of black hole event horizons. We need the notion of a holonomy. However, in this article we introduce an approximation scheme for gravitahion formal solution of the Hamiltonian constraint operator given in the section below on spinfoams. Gauge Fields, Knots and Quantum Gravity. The Conceptual Development of Quantum Mechanics 2nd ed.

The physical inner product is then defined as. One introduces the quantity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Immirzi parameter also known as the Barbero-Immirzi parameter is a numerical coefficient appearing in loop quantum gravity.