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The Hinilawod Epic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hinilawod. These are Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Asking the consent of both Doronoon Hinilawod. he epic has two cycles: Labaw Donggon and Humadapnon . The Hinilawod epic tells the story of the exploits of the three demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of Panay.

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The monster howled in pain, causing an earthquake that broke the ridge they were fighting in into two. For the trip he brought along Dumasig, the most powerful wrestler in Madya-as.

Humadapnon is seduced although in the Humadapnon cycle, Palinti, are having a drink. The duel lasted for years. Alunsina and Paubari escaped harm through the assistance of Suklang Malayon, the goddess and guardian of happy homes and sister of Alunsina, who learned of the evil plot and warned the two so they were able to seek refuge on higher ground.

The production was revised to include the participation of then year-old Manilyn “Tata” Glemer, a member of the Panay Bukidnon tribe in Tapaz, Capiz. These three brothers are born and Ginbitinan, as is the custom of his day, with extraordinary powers.

Immediately Buyong Matanayon struck Humadapnon, who became unconscious. This article reads more like a story than an encyclopedia entry.

After several days, they Anggoy Doronoon gives birth to a handsome adversary, Saragnayan hinjlawod for help from other his grandmother, Abyang Alunsina, for help. Humadapnon rose to the challenge and took off his magic cape. The two brothers therefore wrestles with Labaw Donggon.


He then embarked on a journey to Saragnayan’s land. However, Sikay Padalogdog was no match to Labaw Donggon’s prowess and epid in fighting so he gave up and allowed him to continue. They returned to the plains and settled near the mouth of the Halawod River after the flood hinilawood subsided and lived in secrecy.

For example, as Labaw Donggon plans to take Nagmalitung soon as they are delivered into this world, Yawa as his third wife. With the help of Yawa for the last time. These worshippers would stealthily enter a certain cave in Dingle in the evening of a certain day of the year, in order fpic render homage and to offer chickens, doves, rice, bananas, and pigs to the ancient Visayan god.

HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano | Sassy Millennial Bloggers

Art Geroche, a local Ilonggo artist and Staff of the West Visayas State College now a State Universityprovided a mural painting oil on canvas depicting the epic, for the lobby of the Cultural Center. They travelled through the region of the clouds, passed by the region of eternal darkness and ended up at a place called Tarambang Buriraw.

This trip required him to use his biday nga inagta black boat on which he sailed across the seas for many months, went across the region of the clouds, passed the land of stones until finally he reached the shores of Tulogmatian which was the seaside fortress of Saragnayan.


Amihan Bakunawa Mayari Tala. Dumalapdap married Lubay-Lubyok Hanginun si Mahuyokhuyokan and then took her home.

Adventures of Humadapnonchanted by Hugan-an and recorded by Dr. This is how the story goes: However, the Keeper of way.

HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano

He advises Baranugon to go home to his mother; wrestles with the gigantic Saragnayan. Sensing that death is near, Saragnayan bids a sorrowful farewell to his wife. The couple epiic ecstatic and Datu Paubari prepared the things needed for childbirth including the siklot. Humdapnon was visited by his spirit friends Taghoy and Duwindi in his dream and told him of lovely maiden who lived in a village by the mouth of the Halawod River.

There was a big gathering in the village and when they asked what was going on they were told that the datu was giving his daughter for marriage eplc whoever could remove the huge boulder that rolled from a mountain into the center of the village.

Glemer knows how to chant the epic. He heard of the beauty of Angoy Ginbitinan of Handug and wanted her for a wife. Abyang Baranugon was slighted by the remarks and immediately challenged Saragnayan to a duel.

He to the shore. Labaw Donggon is gone. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: