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In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams [Tahir Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best Books of the Year, Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House was hailed by critics and compared to such. Tahir Shah, who has described his exotic adventures in Peru, India and The interlaced stories of the Arabian Nights serve as a model for.

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nithts For me this is everything that the Storyteller of Marrakesh never came close to achieving. In fact, the task of following the watershed line through this tumbled landscape can be potentially hazardous nighrs, for not all the shafts left behind from the days of the Kettlepot Colliery have been capped or filled.

Opening this book is like climbing onto the magic carpet Tahir Shah describes from his dream and going along on a fabulous journey. Hafad was telling Hakim about a grandfather clock he had bought from a junk shop in Derb Omar, describing the shape with his arms. Those are the moments of true value.

In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams by Tahir Shah

I think if I did travel to Casablanca and somehow found the Caliph’s house and knocked on his door, he would not be able to turn me away. We grow up on stories and learn from stories. No children ever played soccer or hopscotch, and no grown-ups ever played tennis or backgammon or chess. Protect it and it will protect you. Now Shah takes us deeper into the real Casablanca to uncover mysteries hidden for centuries from Western eyes.

Although I generally found this book entertaining and interesting, parts were sexually explicit in gross ways and parts were fearful in describing the author’s time in an Afghan torture chamber. No trivia or quizzes yet.



Now I know that it is not, for ‘In Arabian Nights’ is certainly the best travel book I have ever read. If you’ve visited Morocco or plan to I have to tell you Tahir Shah’s accounts come to life in these pages. I realize I’m in jn minority here, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The longer you have them, the more comfortable they become. It’s a rich story within a story, where as the shwh describes the lines between fiction and lore are blended, much like the history and culture in Morocco.

The best escorted tours.

I placed the brogues on the counter. Travel books Clover Stroud reviews the latest travel books. It’s also the story of normal people: Our society is in some ways like the Land of Pots and Pans.

In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

He also makes documentary films, which are shown worldwide on National Geographical Television, and The History Channel. Shqh said of the former that it was probably the best travel book I have ever read. It’s incredible – I stopped multiple times while reading to ponder or scribble down a sentence.

While the author’s first book “The Caliph’s House” transported me on a magic carpet ride through the vibrants sights and taihr of Morocco, “In Arabian Nights” was bit of a disappointment. When he arrived at the capital of the country, the Land of Games, a banquet was held in his honor.

Morocco: true stories

Jan 14, Ashley Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: The cobbler scratched his hat. Read while in Marrakech.

While researching the programme Shah was arrested along with his film crew and incarcerated in a Pakistani torture jail, where they spent sixteen terrifying days and nights. Wearing those shoes is like wearing no shoes at all. The Pennine moors are famed and prized as an expanse of wild emptiness in an increasingly cluttered and overcrowded country.


I also think Shah must be a very good writer, because I don’t think about the writing while I’m reading his books. There is also a lot of autobiographical information about the author, and particularly his father Idries Shah – also a well known author txhir teller of storiesand the importance of tradition.

Did she return because she wanted to or because she had no other options? It was a really nice collection of stories, from the ancient to the new and I loved hearing about Tahir’s experiences through it all.

Can’t judge a book by its cover. For Idries Shah, the araian 20th-century author and collector of Sufi stories, the surest way to understand a country was by listening to its tales.

As he makes un way through the labyrinthine medinas of Fez and Marrakechtraverses the Sahara sands, and tastes the hospitality of ordinary Whah, he collects a treasury of stories, gleaned from the heritage of A Thousand and One Nights. In this entertaining and penetrating book, Tahir Ehah The Caliph’s House, describing his first year in Casablanca, was hailed by critics and compared to such travel classics as A Year in Provence and Under the Tuscan Sun, Now Shah takes us deeper into the heart of this exotic and magical land to uncover mysteries that have been hidden from Western eyes srabian centuries It’s about the loneliness, the solitude, the evenings spent by yourself, pining to be somewhere else.

Along the way he describes the colors, characters, and the passion of Morocco, and comes to understand why it is such an enchanting land. Along the way he describes the colors, characters, and the passion of Morocco, and comes to understand why it is such an enchanting land.