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The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a helpful tool used to diagnose a personality disorder. Order the IPDE from PAR today!. Objective: To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination (IPDE) in a psychiatric outpatient. The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a semistructured clinical interview compatible with the International Classification of Diseases.

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Reliability and cultural applicability of the Greek version of the International Personality Disorders Examination. American Psychiatric Association; Find articles by Fatima Bukharie.

Forensic Applications of the International Personality Disorder Examination (CPD event)

Majority of patients had more than one personality disorder. According to the results of Indian study, out of 22, 3 The study follows WHO field test protocols and is focused on testing cultural pdrsonality and inter-rater reliability.

Although this translation was accomplished methods we developed in our previous work in which we translated ICD10, RDC, which included both translation and cultural adaptation of a large instrument, we did not use qualitative methods to further evaluate the effectiveness of this instruments.

However, this is only a preliminary study and future studies will be planned in both community at risk populations for example prisons etc and psychiatric outpatient clinics with bigger samples and better methodology. The final Urdu draft was obtained after incorporating modifications suggested by experts following a feasibility study on 5 outpatients. Dimensional scales provide scores on the traits underlying each of the persknality personality disorders, regardless of whether or not the patient has the disorder.


However, this study focused only on evaluation of psychometric properties of the instrument and it was not intended to be an epidemiological study.

International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) CPD event | University of Manchester

Find articles by Muhammad Irfan. Twenty-two non-psychotic outpatients organic mental disorders, mental retardation and medical illnesses were excluded in the age range of personalith to 60 years were assessed in Indian study done to check the reliability of IPDE ICD module.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Correlation coefficient for dimensional scores between the two raters was 0.

International Personality Disorder Examination

Out of 30 enrolled patients, 25 As far as we are aware no study of prevalence of personality disorder was conducted in Pakistan. Muhammad Irfan 5 Dr.

Both interviewers scored patients independently and were not allowed to share the results during or after the interviews. Open in a separate window. At least one criterion must have been present prior to age 25 years before that particular personality disorder can be diagnosed. What our students say “An excellent day – really engaging, informative and very relevant to my role. She has published two books and many articles on these subjects. The major issue however remains with generalization of these findings.


This study was conducted at the outpatient department of Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore from April to March The interview is the most widely used of its kind and is internatiinal only personality disorder interview based on worldwide field trials. There are numerous limitations of this study.

The phi coefficient was used to test categorical diagnosis. MI helped in data analysis and interpretation of results and preparation and revision of draft manuscript and supervised the research project. The IPDE provides definite, probable or negative diagnosis for each personality disorder. The IPDE was then administered by one of the disordef raters according to a preset randomized schedule.

The results include both a categorical diagnosis of personality disorders in both classification systems and a dimensional score for each personality disorder.


September date to be confirmed. A good mix and balance of theory, practice and discussion. Scoring of items ranges between 0 absent or within normal range1 present to an attenuated degree and 2 pathological, meets criterion standards.