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In this article, I am going to explain you how to export DataTable to PDF file using iTextSharp in C# and download or transmit at client machine. Imports Imports Imports parser. Function to get the results in datatable. We will calculate the number of columns in the DataTable to make the columns of the PDF document. We will use iTextSharp to convert the.

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I declare, I accept the site’s Privacy Policy. Add”Sun Glasses”,5, ; dt. I need to add logo in header also in specified location also. Comment by yrbyogi September 26, Reply. Dim dt As New DataTable.

This is more general. Below is the code to export the datatable to Excel Format. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.

How to optimize this code. Add your solution itextsarp. Compute “sum Total “, “” ; sb. ToStringfont5 ; table. AddCell new Phrase r[0].

Required Invalid Email Address. Below is the code to export the datatable to PDF Format. Append row[column] ; sb. When answering a question please: Also you will notice I applied textmode style to all the rows so that it in rendered as text. Hi, This is Mudassar Khan. Export to pdf using itextsharp for multilanguage data coming from database. The figure below displays the generated Microsoft Word Document. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Do you need your password? Connection String Below is my connection string to the database. Sign up using Email and Password.

How can we export datatable to PDF using iTextSharp

Comment by steffen September 26, Reply. AddCell new Phrase r[2]. October 24, – Posted by yrbyogi. Comment by Amit Singh April 11, Reply. The code samples and API available at www.

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Export DataTable to PDF file using iTextSharp and download/transmit at client machine

Parse sr ; pdfDoc. Below is the code to export the datatable to Excel Format. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Function to get the results in datatable. AddCell new Phrase r[3]. Newer versions of iTextSharp are not free, better find out which one datasrt use before doing all the work and asked for money later.

How to Convert DataTable to PDF using ITextSharp | Yasser Zaid’s Weblog

Please Share and Subscribe to support us. This completes the article. AddCell new Phrase c. AddCell new Phrase r[1].


Click here to know about response class. Add “class””textmode”. Bharathi Dasan 20 1 1 Using a FileStream instead of Response and changing the. Comment by yrbyogi October 22, Reply. Make sure you provide a valid email address else you won’t be notified when the author replies to your comment Please note that all comments are moderated and will be deleted if they are Not relavant to the article Spam Advertising campaigns or links to other sites Abusive content.

Below is the code to export the datatable to PDF Format. What our readers say. For this tutorial I am using NorthWind Database which can be downloaded from here. Comment by Amit Singh April 10, Reply.