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These scriptures are known as Jain Agam or Agam Sutras. The Agam Sutras teach great reverence for all forms of life, strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism . Jain Agam Literature Compiled by. Pravin K. Shah Jain Study Center of NC ( Raleigh). Background. Lord Mahavir’s preaching was orally complied by his. Agamas are original texts of Jainism based on the discourses of the tirthankara. The discourse delivered in a samavasarana (divine preaching hall) is called.

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Monk Keshi made the king a follower of the Jain religion. The Buddha agamaas the Middle Wayrejecting the extremes of “it is” or “it is not”; Mahavira accepted both “it is” and “it is not”, with reconciliation and the qualification of “perhaps”. Mahavira statue in Cave 32 of the Ellora Caves.

The earliest versions of Jain Agamas known were written in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit language.

It consists of the following texts, which contain geography, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and like literature. It also provides a description of the moon, sun, planets, and jaain. Some scholars believe that it was so named, the knowledge, which existed before Lord Mahavira was called ‘Purva’.

However, it jakn from literature referencing this agam that it contained prayers of Lord Mahavir. Mulachar Vattaura A. The earliest versions of Jain Agamas known were composed in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit. This agam explains the results of good and bad karmas through several stories. Part of a series on.

Jain epistemology

Jain texts suggest that Mahavira’s parents were lay devotees of Parshvanatha. In the Samavayanga Sutra Hyderabad edition it is definitely stated that nineteen Tirthankaras lived as householders, that is, all the twenty-four excepting Shri Mahavira, Parashva, Nemi, Mallinath and Vaspujya. These scriptures are known as Jain Agam or Agam Sutras.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The distortion of the original texts caused much concern to the Jains.


This agam describes the form and attributes of souls from a different perspective. Jain Literature Jain literature is classified into two abamas categories: According to Svetambara tradition, the agamas agama collected on the basis of collective memory of the ascetics in the first council of Pataliputra under the stewardship of Sthulibhadra in around to — BC.

Indra is referred to as Sakra in some Indian texts. Religion and Ethics home Interfaith calendar Ethics guides. Mahavira’s teachings were compiled by Gautama Swamihis Ganadhara chief disciple.

Number of Ang-bayha agams Lost. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. In the absence of authentic Agam sutras, Digambars follow Shatkhand Agam and Kasay Pahud as their main texts and four Anuyogs which includes about 20 texts written by great ascetics from to AD as their basis to follow and practice the Jain religion.

Jain philosophy Epistemology of religion. There is no soul or self in Buddhism, and its teachings are based on the concept of anatta non-self. Parshvanatha, as the one who “removes obstacles and has the capacity to save”, is a popular icon; his image is the focus of Jain temple devotion.

BBC – Religions – Jainism: Jain texts

Jainp. Jain texts The texts containing the teachings of Mahavira are called the Agamas, and are the canonical literature – the scriptures – of Svetambara Jainism. Dasha Shruta Skandha Sutra Achardasha: This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled.

After the famine, monks and nuns of the Svetambara sect held several conferences to preserve the most important Jain texts. There are several srivasta found in ancient and medieval Jain art works, and these are not found on Buddhist or Hindu art works. These scriptures are said to have contained the most comprehensive and accurate description of every branch of learning that one needs to know.

The texts, transmitted orally by Jain monks, are believed to have been largely lost by about the 1st century when they were first written down.


Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Jinas who have reached Kevala Jnana omniscience are not reborn; [] they enter the siddhalokathe “realm of the perfected ones”.

Jain Agamas

This agam describes nonviolence, Jain metaphysics, and the refutation of other religious theories such as Kriyavada, Akriyavada, Ajnanavada, and Vinayavada.

This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain religious stories, art, literature, history, poetry, and like literature.

Views Read Edit View history. Jain texts document that Mahavira’s first disciples were eleven Brahminstraditionally known as the eleven Ganadharas. They included a denizen of hell, agamaw lion, and a god deva in a heavenly realm agajas before his last birth jaln the 24th tirthankara.

This agam has the same place in Jain literature as the Dhammapada in Buddhism and the Geeta in the Hindu religion. Archived from the original on 22 July The existing Agam Sutras are accepted as the authentic preaching of Lord Mahavir by the Swetambar sects, but the Digambar sect does not accept them as authentic. Knowledge is the nature of the soul. His birth is celebrated as Mahavir Jayantiand his nirvana is observed by Jains as Diwali.

Edited by Ian Whicher and David Carpenter. Jainp.

Mahavira – Wikipedia

To Mahavira, the metaphysical nature of the universe consists of dravyajivaand ajiva inanimate objects. Jain bp.

It gives very important information to the scholars of biology and botany. There are ten chapters in this Sutra. The major Jain traditions have disagreed, with Digambaras the sky-clad, naked mendicant order believing that a woman is unable to fully practice asceticism and cannot achieve spiritual liberation because of her gender; she can, at best, live an ethical life so she is reborn as a man.