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Report of. The Expert Group on. A Viable and Sustainable System of. Pricing of Kirit S. Parikh. Chairman . pricing was also recommended by the Parikh Committee on Integrated Energy Policy (August. ) as one which. He also said that the government agreed to Report in principle implemented Kirit Parikh committee on time which reduced subsidy. Kirit Parikh Committee Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Kirit Parikh Committee Blogs, Comments and .

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Parikh committee report implementation reduced subsidy burden: Pradhan, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Hence, the deport price had to be distributed over an extended time. Dharmendra Pradhan 9 Mar, Kirit Parikh panel likely to sign fuel pricing report on Oct 19 14 Oct, Kirit Parikh, retired Planning Commission member and co-author of the Integrated Energy Policy, said in an interview that he is disappointed the fuel pricing report has not been implemented. India, which is one of the largest energy consuming countries, needs to ensure that the country maintains self-sufficiency in the refining sector in future.

But of course there is a difference when you raise prices of diesel or there is a short-term and immediate inflation impact. Urgent need to increase gas prices: If you choose to ignore this message, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on ET EnergyWorld. Vodafone Business Services Digilogue – Your guide to digitally transforming your business.


Any rise in the gap between domestic and international prices beyond Rs. The Expert Group recommends that since the government has already decided to eventually free diesel price, there is no need to tinker with the existing pricing formula, which, even if modified, will not solve the problem of mounting under-recoveries incurred on sales of parih products, mainly due to high international crude prices and depreciation of Indian rupee. So that would moderate some of the inflation.

I am not in a dialogue.

Government is looking to alter the way diesel and cooking fuels are priced to reduce its subsidy burden, which appears to be spiralling out of hand. OMCs should not be made to absorb the higher oil price: Fuel price reforms commitree, says Kirit Parikh 5 Jun, Therefore, the best course of action is to free the market from price controls at the earliest. Petrol, diesel prices dip further on New Year’s eve 12 hrs ago. Are you disappointed it has not been implemented? Kirit Parikh, former Planning Commission member.

Dear user, The EconomicTimes. The subsidy on diesel should be capped at Rs.

Government looks to relax norms for setting up petrol pumps The government is mulling relaxing norms for setting up petrol pumps as it is kee What do you think is the reason your suggestions are not being put in practice? You write a report, you expect something will happen.

Therefore, it is not that when oil prices become higher, the government can immediately switch to repodt free market price, but it would hopefully strengthen its resolve so that the next time an opportunity arises, it will go to a free market price.


When the price becomes higher, it becomes difficult for the government to immediately pass on the price to the consumer. Mon, Apr 12 Discover the technology empowered.

In view of the significant gap between the present administered prices and the international prices, the committee has spelt out the arrangements that may prevail in the interim till the best course of action is repogt.

The second option is recommended by the Expert Group as that would lead to decline in subsidy over time.


I am no longer a member of the Planning Commission. Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan said that the government implemented Kirit Parikh committee on time which reduced subsidy burden that was a barrier in country’s growth. Javascript on your browser is disabled.

From examination of various alternative pricing mechanisms, the expert group noted that there is no single or unique formula which can be said to represent the correct method for domestic prices in India that would not be distortionary with attendant ill-effects for the economy from the distortions. Government should have hiked gas prices: