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Innerhalb der jüdischen Getto-Verwaltung wurde im November ein Archiv gebildet, zu dessen Aufgaben die Sammlung von Dokumenten und Materialien. the complete scientific edition of Kronika Getta Lodzkiego (Litzmannstadt-Getto ) (Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto (Litzmannstadt-Getto) ). Kronika getta łódzkiego /. z oryginału do druku przygotowali, wstępem i przypisami zaopatrzyli Danuta Dąbrowska i Lucjan Dobroswzycki ; [teksty niemieckie.

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All other sites close at Most of the propertied class left before the ghetto was closed. Those who remained were: It forms a majority percentage of the criminal gettx in the ghetto. I have made it my aim to regulate life in the ghetto at all costs. This aim can be achieved, first of all, by employment for all.

„Wielka Szpera” in the Łódź Ghetto – Jewish Historical Institute

Therefore, my main slogan has been to give work to the greatest possible number of people. It was not a simple matter to set up the workshops. Great difficulty was caused by the fact that there were scarcely any Jewish factories within the area of the ghetto.


Despite that I succeeded in establishing a series of work-places, factories, carpentry workshops, a leather tannery, tailoring workshops, shoe-making workshops, establishments for the production of the most varied goods My workshops are now already employing up to 10, workers.

About 1, unskilled laborers are employed on public projects.

About 1, persons have already krlnika sent to work outside the ghetto; they use part of their wages to support the families who have remained here and whom I pay a regular wage It was included in the area of the ghetto.

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Address by Rumkowski to the Officials of the Judenrat in Lodz

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