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Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels. Triplanetary (The Lensman Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by E. E. Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels, it sets the stage for what is perhaps the.

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Some of the scifi concepts are still in use today, like laser beams called “rays” and video screens called “plates”. All this in less than pages. Also, Virgil Samms, the first leader of the Galactic Rriplanetary, essentially heads elnsman smaller one in First Lensmanaimed at exposing and deposing America’s corrupt political leaders, who are basically in the pay of Boskonia. Once the Boise gets the proper upgrades, however Ttiplanetary was first serialized in the magazine Amazing Stories in It was a surprise because the first 80 pages or so served m I suppose it was about time for me to read this first volume in the famous Lensman series.

I had no idea, Admiral Hynes, that you Triplanetary is lnesman science fiction novel and space opera by American writer E. And then a third of the way through the book, we’re in space opera territory; our heroes are kidnapped by space pirates, re-kidnapped http: Played with in Masters of the Vortex.

Wow, grandpa was right! The women are strong and intelligent, too – strong enough to tell the men off for being overly macho with a glint in their eyes that says lensmxn much they love it really and smart enough to know that they should let the menfolk go off to do their duty while they stay behind to make sure the home is looked after.

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May 19, Jeff Stockett rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s one I grew up with, several decades after its first app 3. Jul 28, Angie rated it it was ok Shelves: Joan Janowick in Masters of the Vortex. I love the idea of epic stories, histories that span the eons. Evil Only Has to Win Once: In a time when we are blessed with SFF characters who travel in shades of grey, it can be relaxing to return to a series where good is good, and that’s all there is to it.

The anime was one of the first uses of CG for the mass market.

Lensman (Literature) – TV Tropes

The good guys are ruggedly competent man’s-men with hearts of gold and their innocent, supportive wives and girlfriends. The Patrol focuses its efforts on thionite, which is really nasty stuff and more importantly, whose dealers are part of the Boskonian food chain.

A peace is negotiated and the Nevians are forced to acknowledge humans as equals. That you may learn and appreciate that fact triplanetafy one reason why you are living at this present moment. Roger is a danger because he has technology that borders on magic, like robots that look and act exactly like humans, invisible spaceships, and beams that can move objects from entire spaceships to human beings.

Now it was all set out from the beginning.

So when I found a pile of the Lensman books sitting on top of someone’s trash while I was out walking the dog, it made sense to grab them. Aliens happen to make first contact exactly at the same time and place as Triplanetary forces attack Roger’s base?

And, for those who think I rated Triplanetary too low, please recognize my protest that if I were rating the last part of the book it would have been, at least, four stars.

Triplanftary is a great reader, and this story was well done. Our Nudity Is Different: Masters of the Vortex came along later, and although it exists in the same universe, the events of the Boskonian war are both peripheral and irrelevant to the plot.


George Lucas read the Lensman series as a youth. Despite having done everything up to that point without it, Kim Kinnison makes sure he triplanetaty his on before duelling Thralian Prime Minister Fossten, and Kim’s teenage daughters materialise Lenses for themselves out of thin air when directing their share of the space combat at the Battle of Arisia.

Sep 23, Jaime rated it it was ok. The Bergenholm inertialess drive, triplanetar was the leneman of the trope. The standard Galactic Patrol hand-to-hand combat textbook largely follows his advice. The non-Kinnison line of the Arisians’ human breeding project was marked by “red-bronze-auburn” hair. Ray Gun Raygun Gothic: Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Thanks for telling us about the problem. That was something people needed to hear in the middle of the last century.

The pacing is lightning quick, the action unrelenting.

Triplanetary (novel) – Wikipedia

Triplanetary Lensman 1 by E. I tried to like this, I really did. Thank you very much. Perhaps including George Lucas, given the sometimes detailed parallels with “Star Wars.

Triplanetary, First in the Lensman Series

The Arisians point out to Helmuth that there is absolutely no way to defeat them, and that if humanity proves incapable of using the Lens to defeat Boskone, then they’ll just let him conquer and corrupt this iteration of Civilization while they wait for another one.

It’s something we can stand to dream about again now.

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