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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Listen to the Litany of the Saints — Litaniae Sanctorum — in Latin. Litaniae Sanctorum. Communio Sanctorum — the Communion of Saints. The Litany of the Saints (Latin: Litaniæ Sanctorum) is a formal prayer of the Catholic Church (especially of the Roman Catholic Church).

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Christ, graciously hear us. Pater de caelis Deus, R.

God, the Father of heaven, R. Fili Redemptor mundi Deus, R. God, the Son, the Redeemer of the world, R. Spiritus Sancte Deus, R. God, the Holy Spirit, R. Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, R. Holy Trinity, one God, R.

Sancta Dei Genetrix, R. Holy Mother of God, R. Sancta Virgo virginum, R. Holy Virgin of virgins, R. Omnes sancti Angeli et Archangeli, R. All ye holy Angels and Archangels, R. Omnes sancti beatorum Spirituum ordines, R. All ye holy orders of blessed Spirits, R. Saint John the Baptist, R.

Omnes sancti Patriarchae et Prophetae, R. All you holy Patriarchs and Prophets, R. Sancte Iacobe maiorR. Saint James, the greater R. Sancte Iacobe minorR. Saint James, the lesser R. Omnes sancti Apostoli et Evangelistae, Sanctorym. All ye holy Apostles and Evangelists R. Omnes sancti discipuli Domini, R. All ye holy Disciples of the Lord, R. All ye holy Innocents, R. Sancti Fabiane et Sebastiane, R. Saints Fabian and Sebastian, R. Sancti Ioannes et Paule, R.


Saints John and Paul, R. Sancti Cosma et Damiane, R. Saints Cosmas and Damian, Llitaniae. Sancti Gervasi et Protasi, R. Saints Gervase and Protase, R. All ye holy Martyrs, R. All ye holy Popes and Cofessors R. Omnes sancti Doctores, R. All ye Holy Doctors, R. Saint FrancisR. All ye holy Priests and Levites R.

Omnes sancti Monachi et Eremitae, R. All ye holy Monks and Hermits R.

Sancta Maria Magdalena, R. Saint Mary Magdalen, R. All ye holy Virgins and Widows, R. All ye holy men and women, Saints of God, R. Ab omni malo, R. From all evil, R.

Ab omni peccato, R. From all sin, R. Ab ira tua, R. From Thy wrath, R.

Litaniae Sanctorum – The Litany of the Saints (Latin and in English)

A subitanea sanctourm improvisa morte, R. From sudden and unprovided death, R. Ab insidiis diaboli, R. From the snares of the devil, R. Ab ira et odio et omni mala voluntate, R. From anger, hatred, and all ill-will, R. A spiritu fornicationis, R. From the spirit of fornication, R.

Litany of the Saints

A fulgure et tempestate, R. From lightning and tempest, R. A flagello terraemotus, R. From the scourge of earthquake, R. A peste, fame et bello, R. From plague, famine and war, R. A morte perpetua, R. From everlasting death, R. Per mysterium sanctae Incarnationis tuae, R. Through the mystery of Thy holy Incarnation, R. Per adventum tuum, R. Through Thy coming, R. Per nativitatem tuam, R. Through Thy nativity, R. Per baptismum et sanctum ieiunium tuum, R. Through Thy Baptism and sabctorum fasting, R.


Per crucem sanctorumm passionem tuam, R.

Through Thy Cross and Passion, R. Per mortem et sepulturam tuam, R. Through Thy Death and Burial, R. Per sanctam resurrectionem tuam, R. Through Thy Holy Resurrection, R. Per admirabilem ascensionem tuam, R. Through Thy wondrous Ascension, R. Per adventum Spiritus Sancti Paracliti, R. Through the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, R. In die iudicii, R. In the day of judgment, R. Ut nobis parcas, R. That Thou wouldst spare us, R.

Ut litanlae indulgeas, R. That Thou wouldst pardon us, R. Ut ad veram paenitentiam nos perducere digneris, R. That Thou wouldst bring us to true repentance, R. Ut Ecclesiam tuam sanctam regere et conservare digneris, R. Ut domum Apostolicum et omnes ecclesiasticos ordines in sancta religione conservare digneris, R.