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Los orígenes de los caxcanes y su relación con la guerra de los nayaritas: Una hipótesis (Ensayos jaliscienses) (Spanish Edition) [Phil C Weigand] on. Con El Mismo Hierro · Pancho Lopez · Desafio A Los Caxcanes · Es Muy Dificil · Murio Un Amor · Y Como Voy A Volver · Mis Cinco Pesos · Por Que Mujer. Staff Notes: This is about Nomadic Indigenous people of Mexico. They fought against the Spaniards and a General of the Spanish Army fell in love with an.

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The spark that set off the war was apparently the arrest of 18 rebellious Indian leaders and the hanging of nine of them in mid Retrieved from ” https: On November 9,he captured the city of Nochistlan and Tenamaztle, but the Caxcajes leader later escaped. Also, most of the Caxcans were sent into slavery by the Spanish to work in silver mines. Giudicelli, Christophe; Pierre Ragon Mexico Imprenta del Gobierno,p.

It also opened up Spanish access to the deserts of the north in which Spanish explorers would search for and find rich silver deposits. Later in the same year the Indians rose up to kill, roast, and eat the encomendero Juan de Arze.


The reports of the excessive violence against civilian Indians caused the Council of the Indies caxcaens undertake a secret investigation into the conduct of the viceroy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Northern Illinois University Press. After the rebellion, they were a constant target of the Zacatecos and Guachichiles due to their ceasefire agreement with the Spaniards. The Caxcan possibly survive today, at least in folk festivals, as the Tastuane Indians. Breve historia de Aguascalientes.

Los Caxcanes | Frontera Project

Cambridge U Press,p. Matias de la Mota. Caxcan society was divided up into several different city-states. It can be considered as a continuation of that rebellion as the fighting did not come to a halt in the intervening years. Retrieved from ” https: The Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza called upon the experienced conquistador Pedro de Alvarado to assist in putting down the revolt.

Mixtón War – Wikipedia

During the colonial period, many Spanish and some Basque settlers had intermarried, or had relations, with the Caxcans making many Caxvanes descendants Mestizos. Emboldened, the Indians attacked the city of Guadalajara in September but were repulsed.

U of AZ Press, Silver Mining and Society in Colonial Mexico: Caxcan warriors battling against the Spaniards. Caxcan Cazcan Caxcan warriors battling against the Spaniards.


Their language was part of the Uto-Aztecan language family. Editorial Diana,pp. The allied tribes and Mestizos settled the Caxcan lands in Zacatecas and Jalisco. It was the longest and most lo conflict between Spaniards and the indigenous peoples of New Spain in the history of the colony. The colonization of North America, — Kessinger Publishing reprint ed. Francisco Tenamaztle Mexico City: Over time, the Caxcans lost their culture due to warfare, disease, and marriage to non-Caxcans.

Consejo de los Caxcanes, Zacatecas

The Caxcanes killed a delegation of one priest and ten Spanish soldiers. Indians and Spaniards in New Galicia, However, the Caxcanes seem to have been sedentary, depending upon agriculture for their livelihood and living in permanent towns and settlements.

Alvarado declined to await reinforcements and attacked Mixton in June with four hundred Spaniards and an unknown number of Indian allies. The War for Mexico’s West: Pages caxcqnes deprecated image syntax “Related ethnic groups” needing confirmation Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters.