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: Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life ( ): Oswald Spengler: Books. In this new and revised edition of Oswald Spengler’s classic, Man and Technics, Spengler makes a number of predictions that today, more than eighty years after . Man & Technics – A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life (, by Oswald Spengler. Publication date Topics philosophy, geopolitics.

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Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

Every drop of water is a battlefield and we, who have the land-battle so constantly before our eyes that it is taken for granted or even forgotten, shudder to see how the fantastic forms of the deep sea fechnics on the life of killing and being killed. I wonder what is the link between that and the so-called managerial class.

Preview — Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler.

Dec 28, Mobius1 rated it it was amazing. It is at this point that Spengler combines his earlier historical determinism with the new sense of agency and power.

One of his fears was that the west was sealing her doom by sharing technology with the rest of the world, a threat that the right has declared imminent my entire life. The animal of prey is the highest form of mobile life. Man then separated into commanders and obeyers; individual lives mattered little at this time according to Spengler; what mattered was the whole, the tribe, the sea voyage or building project. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He has research interests in the history tecchnics late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Austro-German philosophy and co-edited Wittgenstein and Scientism Routledge, Man and Technics is full of these sorts of remarks, testaments to the wnd style and vision of its author.

Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! He had imperfect health, and suffered throughout his life from migraine headaches and from an anxiety complex.

But experience with the earlier work showed that the majority speengler readers are not in a postion to maintain a general view over the techjics of ideas as a whole, and so lose themselves in the detail of this or that domain which is familiar to them, seeing the rest either obliquely or not at annd.


He essentially predicts 80 years in advance our current immigration and outsourced labor crisis. Man is superior to animal whatever that may meansome men are born to lead while others are only good for obeying, duty itself is a priori nobl Whilst Spengler’s conception of technology as being the fruits of a predatory ur-nature, ,an in society is translated into creativity and Will-to-power — for its own sake — is technjcs and his concern for ecology appreciated, the book is rife with dogmatic essentialism, a very narrow view of culture, smug pessimism and, of course, eurocentrism.

It’s amazing to watch him make an ass of himself insofar as Darwin is concerned, and then make up a bunch of stuff about so-called historical trends and ignore all manner of actual, contemporary scholarship on the matter at hand, and then watch him turn around and start making sense. In this short treatise, Spengler sets out, through some hackneyed and truncated anthropological gymnastics and philosophical technifs, to chart the path and destiny of humanity in general by way of a very specific tribe of that humanity, the proud — and, in essence, superior — Nordic.

Apr 01, Paul Christensen rated it liked it Shelves: But above this there is a second kind, which lives on other animals and whose living consists of killing.

Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life by Oswald Spengler

They were too left-wing for his liking. Live in conflict with your equals and with yourselves! In consequence they obtain an incorrect picture, both of what I have written and of the subject-matter about which I wrote.

But we may now use that word only with a smile, when the dessert comes out. Ik heb het vooral gelezen als een soort van cultuurkritiek en meer speciaal over de relatie mens en techniek.

Man And Technics (1932)

So the Faustian mind became weary of machines, and returned to contemplating nature the green movement, the new age movement etc. The I think Spengler’s pessimism obscures the truth here, etchnics because it comes at the issue from an overtly political angle.

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It made man creative. This is true to a degree, and has become more true as the value they produce has become proportionately larger. His major work was written before the Great War and this work Man and technics in the early ‘s.

Jun 25, Writerlibrarian rated it liked it Shelves: I think Spengler’s pessimism obscures the technisc here, particularly because it comes at the issue from an overtly political angle. Only in the west do we see it as something that is a never-ending progression, and see not horror at this, but still in some circles see it as God. Technocs mentions that the ‘heads’ will become increasingly unappreciated.

The Berlin Review of Books | Life, ‘Technics’, and the Decline of the West

The managerial class thought seems to take reserve with this, sensing a decay of agency. But they are interconnected, and for that reason may serve, for the time being, to help the reader to a provisional glimpse into the great secret of Man’s mwn. Pragmatism and the Forms of Sense: Spenger was what Nietzsche meant by decadence: As such, the call towards redistribution, as a result of the incomprehension of the grander orchestrations of the apparatus.

Spengler gives a compelling account of the nature of man, or at least a type of man. We are in our death throes as a civilization.

What he wanted was a German Caesar and a meritocratic elite of true spebgler with—to quote a Nietzschean pop song—no time for losers.

It emancipated the intellect from the hand. Misplaced my mimeographed copy.

Refresh and try again. The man himself would not have been surprised by the turn things have taken.