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The manual can be downloaded here: /support/ Phones-Fax/Fax-Printers/Plain-Paper-Fax/Copier/-. View and Download Panasonic KX-FT21BX service manual online. KX-FT21BX Fax Machine pdf manual download. Also for: Kx-ft21bx-w. Manual de fax panasonic kx ft71 gratis, tutorial de fax panasonic kx ft71 .. file:\\\\ Panasonic\\NoTest\\33 Panasonic KX-FT72 Service Manual in.

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WARNING This service information is designed for experienced repair technicians only and is not designed for use by the general public. Any details given in these instructions are subject to change without notice. The pictures and illustrations in these instructions may vary slightly from the actual product.

If the dummy load is not available, connect the main P. Replace Q and R Replace the broken part and IC You should change all of the parts listed as follows. Check it with an electric tester. LIGHT transmit and copy a document with very 3: Then it supplies power to the converter circuit. Also, when the current load becomes too large, in order to decrease the voltage output, the increase in is controlled and the output voltage is stabilized.

Therefore, basically the timing: If the 24V output increases because the error detecting circuit or control circuit is broken, IC will recognize this signal and output becomes 0V. Dummy load method to quickly check the power supply output Refer to 2.

Power Supply Board Section. It does not contain warnings or cautions to advise non-technical individuals of potential dangers in attempting to service a product. Products powered by electricity should be serviced or repaired only by experienced professional technicians. The serial number may be found on the bottom of the unit.

Before servicing, unplug the AC power cord to prevent an electric shock. Check the condition of the power cord. Replace if wear or damage is evident. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacture. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The earth lead is fixed with the screw. The moving sections of the unit are the rollers and a gear.

There is a separation roller and a document feed roller which are rotated by the document feed motor. When you operate this products, the power outlet should be near the product and easily accessible.


Delete key Used to delete a character. STOP key Used to move the cursor to the left. If the equipment can be still used, perform copying, self testing or communication testing. Document Path If the roller is dirty, clean it with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly. Rollers If the thermal head is dirty, clean the printing surface with a cloth See pages 20 Thermal Panawonic moistened with denatured alcohol alcohol without waterthen dry Disconnect the power cord fwx the telephone Telephone line cord.

Disconnect the power cord and the telephone line cord. Thermal head Open the cover by pressing the cover open button. Clean the thermal head with a cloth moistened with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and let it dry thoroughly.

PANASONIC KX-FT Download Schematic diagram, service manual, EEPROM, user manual of fax machine

Table of troubleshooting items Contact our service personnel. Open the cover by pressing the cover open button. Remove the jammed mabual carefully. Close the cover securely by pushing down on both ends. OUTLINE Troubleshooting guide provides a logical path of deduction to assist in locating a fault and suggests methods of restoring the unit to full working condition. Use the reported symptoms of the fault to determine the best troubleshooting method. Skewed receiving image Printing Expanded print Image is distorted.

Black or White vertical lines appear. When setting the document, confirm a beep tone. Check the separation Replace the sen- Check the sensor spring for distortion.

Open the lid and check the feed route. Clean ix replace the defective parts. Confirm whether the pad is dirty or not and if it Check the separation pad. Also check Is the document set OK? Check whether there are foreign Check the feed route. Go to the thermal head section. Clean or repair the defective parts.

Panasonic KX-FT21BX Service Manual

Please perform the print test page Replace the thermal head. Clean the white plate and nanual glass thoroughly. Clean the feed route. Replace the white plate, CIS unit, etc.

Replace the recording paper roller. Next page Check the printing section. Check the drive gear for damage, inserted foreign Does the recording paper objects and also if the pendulum gear spring is convey?

Confirm the drive attached correctly. Faxx, clean or change the Does it recur? Grease the motor and gear. Do not apply large amounts of grease.


Earth spring A Does it recur? Change the gear and Operation panel section No problem. Refer to page ADF section The document only Refer to page Is auto dial used? Does it start feeding? The document goes through. Ask the other party to Transmit level set” Is the recording paper installed properly? There is the receiving problem when sometimes the below errors maybe occurred. Connect the unit to the loop simulator. TX side T-R Connect the oscilloscope. The following 2 causes can be considered for this.


The other party is executing automatic dialling, the call has been received by this unit, and the CED or DIS signal response paanasonic is too long. S1 is closed so that a part of the head of the training signal may drop out. If possible, manual transmission should be made from the transmission side. If possible, two pauses should be inserted at the end of Does not receive in the automatic mode. Press the MENU button 3 times. All of the error lists will print out.

Perform the communication test using the LOOP simulator. Is “Fall back” executed ftt72 BPS? Modem test 1 Raise the level of transmission. Is the data sent correctly? Is the FAX signal fy72 post message heard after the image data is received? Perform the communication test us-ing the LOOP simulator and check the machine reception condition. Modem test Is the data sent correctly? Confirm if a mechanical problem occurred. Was it a mechanical error as mentioned above?

Was it mechanical error as mentioned above? Ask the caller to transmit the data again. Ask the receiver to set the Poll Ask the service section for the mode again and perform polling. KX-FT21LA 3 Remote programming If, after the call is connected, the customer describes the situation and it is panasonoc that the problem can be corrected by making parameter changes, this function makes it possible to change parameters such ppanasonic the user code and service code from another fax using DTMF tones.